About Me



My name is 
Eliza Lynn Tobin 
and I'm so glad you stopped by Art Asana!  Asana is a sanskrit word (the language of yoga) that means seat, posture or pose. So, Art Asana is the place where I  take my creative seat in the intention of being an artist, entreprenuer and yoga teacher and offer that intention up to something bigger than me. It is a place where I share my journey along the parallel paths of yoga and creativity and empower those visiting my tiny droplet of the world, with ideas and inspiration to say "yes" to life. It is my hope that visitors leave Art Asana with a splash of joy in their hearts and a glimpse of their own incredible, creative potential!

  I grew up in rural Vermont and began making art at a very early age under the influence of my creative parents. With my father (who is a landscape painter), I studied oil painting in High school and then went on to get a B.A in Fine Arts at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. During my time at St. Lawrence, I spent two semesters abroad studying art history and figure drawing in Italy and Tantric Art in India. It was during this time, that my love affair with yoga began. Since then, I've participated in a yoga intensive leadership program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, completed a 200hr. yoga teacher training with Anusara teachers, Todd Norian and Ann Greene, have become a certified Hatha yoga instructor, and have united my passions for creativity, art and yoga in a self-designed Masters degree at Lesley University. Inspired by my studies, my own yoga practice, Tantric art, and the process of art-making as a spiritual practice, I've created Art Asana. 

    Art Asana is my way of expressing the idea that I am in the world (as I am), determined by my intention and diving into the flow of grace, letting it sweep me away towards whatever is in store. Taking this seat, this asana, as artist requires as much steadiness as it does letting go. Yoga asana is a way to embody our intentions and plant the seeds of them into the foundations of our bodies. We take our seat as yogis. In the same way, Art Asana is a way to set my intentions into the space of visual expression and allow them to dance though the puddles of paint I squirt down on my palette. 
I take my seat as yogini,
I take my seat as teacher,
I take my seat as entrepreneur,
I take my seat as artist.



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