Monday, May 31, 2010

Open Studio Part Two

It was a busy weekend here at the Tobin homestead! 
We had two different wedding parties use my parents basement for arranging flowers for the weddings that happened on Saturday. 
My dear friend (since Kindergarten) was married Saturday afternoon and I had the honor of being the Maid of Honor in her wedding...many congratulations go out to her and her new husband!
Along with all the wedding flurry, my dad had the Open Studio going on and
I took pictures to take you on a short, virtual tour! 
Here we go!

(extra wedding flowers that given to us for the studio)

(my dad's unframed paintings)

(One of Dad's framed paintings)

(studio entrance)

(my wall of work)

(my prints, artist bio, business cards and note cards... the last of which I'll put up on etsy soon!)

(wall of my originals)

It was really cool to have all of my work up in one place, to receive feedback and have an opportunity to talk about the work and discover what about it people were interested in knowing. All and all, it was a great experience.

On another note, my thoughts and prayers go out to loved ones, family and friends of those who lost lives to war as we pause today to remember them and their service to our country. I also send my thoughts and prayers out to those still overseas and to their friends and families back here at home. May they return safely and swiftly home.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Open Studio Part One


As I mentioned in Friday's post, this coming weekend is Open Studio Weekend in Vermont, a weekend when artists and craftspeople open their studio spaces to the public. 
It is a unique opportunity to see the spaces in which artists create, all over the state of Vermont! If you are in the area this weekend, I definitely recommend checking it out! You can go to the Vermont Craft Council's website to find maps of all the locations of studios.
My dad is participating this year in his new studio space.
My dad (Eric Tobin) has been a full time landscape painter for eleven years now. When I was little, his studio was a small back bedroom in our house, and when that space overflowed with paintings, he built a bit bigger studio in the back of garage and the summer before last he expanded that studio out and up, building a beautiful studio with light and space. I am really excited for him to be able to share it with people.
He's been working all week, building frames, organizing and 
placing paintings where he wants them to be. 


I am also excited to share original paintings from my Art Asana collection to the public for the first time! 
On Sunday, I will be in and around Dad's studio, working and sharing my process with any one who is interested and talking about my work.
 I am a little bit nervous about being so seen like this, but it will be good for me!

Later this week, I'll put up more pictures of the "studio" space I've set up here in a corner of my dad's studio.

As part of getting ready for this weekend, I'm churning out some new work (which I've been sharing these last few days). Here's one that feels summery and citrusy to me!


"Citrus Pulse" mixed media by Eliza Lynn Tobin
8x8 print available here.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Five Random Things


"Rising" Mixed media mandala by eliza lynn tobin
8x8 print available here.

It's been a while since I did a "Five Random Things" Friday, so I thought I would wrap up this lovely week with it! 

1. I've been working on finishing these mandala pieces that I started so long ago and finding myself struggling with the process. I'm thinking that the creative process works in pulsation: the pulsation of struggle and flow. 
Because some days I struggle and some days I flow.
I am learning (very very slowly) to embrace this spectrum.

2. I got the best hair cut I've ever had this week! I tend to be kind of lazy about getting my hair cut because I've always thought that it was kind of a waste of money...I've even cut my own hair before, thinking that I could do just as good a job as anybody (this idea might have formed after I made a hairdresser scream when I forgot to tell her I had a dread lock!) But on monday, all of that changed. I had a haircut that literally made me feel like a new person! I loved it! I loved how it changed my whole look and made me feel more confident. I never thought a simple haircut would have that kind of transformational power, but I do now. I am officially a believer in hair cuts.

3. I am getting ready for an event that happens every year in Vermont called Open Studio. My dad decided to participate this year and invited me to come show some of my work in his studio as well! It's taking place next weekend (the weekend after this coming one)! I will be posting more about this next week!

4. My baby brother graduates from college this weekend! Congrats Pat, I know you will do great things with your beautiful life!

5. My brother is always finding the best things on you tube. This week he shared the following video with me. This child absolutely melts my heart and makes me smile.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life is Good


"Joy Mandala"
mixed media by eliza lynn tobin
 8x8 prints available here!

I finally have had a chance to get back to work in the studio and finish some of the mandalas I started a few weeks ago. I have put this "Joy Mandala" up in the shop and will be putting up some more new ones in the next few days! 

Gina, of Here and Now, presented me with a "Life is Good" Award! Thank you, Gina! Its good to be reminded every now and then that indeed, life is good! The following are questions that went along with the award prompted me to think about why life is good:

1. Do you have a special gift and what is it?
Ok, so these questions are more difficult than I thought they would be. I think my special gift is my creative drive and desire to carve my own path in the world.

2. What would your perfect day consist of?
A perfect day would consist of spontaneously exploring a new place.

3. Who do you miss and what do you wish you could say to them?
I miss people who've passed through my life and melded into the horizon. I wish them happiness.

4. Do you have a recurring dream and what is it about?
In my recurring dream, I am a thriving artist, yoga teacher and workshop leader. (I'm working on making this all a reality!)

5. Who inspired you as a child? Do they inspire you today?
I have always been inspired by writers. I'm captivated by the way writers can thread words together to break my heart, make me feel hope, laugh, ponder and savor beauty. Some of my favorites have included Barbara Kingsolver, Arundhati Roy, Anne Lamott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and many, many more.

6. How do you hope you will be remembered?

7. Is there a moment or an event you wish you could do over and why?
Nope! I'll stick to the Tantric perspective: Every event or situation in my life has come has a gift to help me recognize myself more fully.

8. What artwork would you like to own?
Currently, I love the artwork of artist Faith Evans Sills.

9. If you could have any talent, what would it be?
To be an incredible, uplifting, open-hearted and inspiring Anusara yoga teacher

10. Describe the best meal you ever had (or perhaps your dream meal) and who was with you (or would be with you?)
The best meals are the ones that my husband and I make at home together.
Lately, Penne alla Vodka has become our favorite!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Heart, Full.


Hello! I have been missing for a while. My dad made the suggestion to me that I let my blog readers know when I'm not going to be in for a bit...I am not sure why this never occured to me before, but its a good idea. So next time I'm going to be away from blog land, I will say so. Sound good? Ok. good. well do you want to know where I've been? I will tell you. 

I was finishing up the last part of the yoga teacher training in western MA with the amazing Todd Norian and Ann Greene of deep peace yoga. and I am smitten! I am in love with the practice of Anusara, with the thrill and delight of teaching and the support of a powerfully bright, open-hearted community. And I feel so full to the brim with light from the experience. I feel my heart has grown bigger and wider and fuller. I feel expanded. I am less of who I was and more of who I am meant to be:
Big Heart,


As a community we exchanged letters and following letter was written to me:

"Dear Eliza, your kula loves you. We admire your extreme creativity thats given you such a unique perception of the world. You have a very artistic and interesting creative fire. And we all see it spark frequently in all aspects of your being. You inspire us with your youthful but quiet wisdom that is so lovely and refreshing. Thanks for being such a bright, shining face among us. With love, your kula"

I feel so grateful to have part of this group, so grateful to all the individuals who helped remind me of who I really am by opening their own hearts. I want to keep living in a world where this much love and support is offered to every individual within it. 

At the end of our week together, Todd said to us, "Now is the time to open your hearts. don't wait any longer, life is too short."


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day


I drew the above picture for a card for my mom a couple of years ago...
I love her for the person she's been,
the person she is today,
and the person she is continually becoming in this world. 

Thanks to my mom for all that she has done and continues to do.

Happy Mother's Day to all mom's out there and to the great Mama Earth:
you raise us, sustain us, teach us, nourish us and shape us all into being
Thank you.


Thursday, May 6, 2010



That's me! Age 3...
Today I'm turning another year over, celebrating another year of my life gone by and another year to come.
This afternoon, I'm going to do the number of sun salutations of years that I am old. 
I did this practice last year on my birthday and found it an amazing way to honor where I'd been on this  journey of life.
During each sun salutation, I honored that year, that point in my life. 
This crazy beautiful life, oh how it does fly.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

quiet weekend





I had a wonderful, relaxing and quiet weekend with my husband...
our last one before he heads out to sea. 
No TV. No internet. 
Just the sound of waves,
cool salty air,
good beer,
lovingly cooked food
and a very happy puppy.
We saw a magnet that said, "happiness is being married to your best friend." 
I am thinking this is true.....



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