Friday, May 21, 2010

Five Random Things


"Rising" Mixed media mandala by eliza lynn tobin
8x8 print available here.

It's been a while since I did a "Five Random Things" Friday, so I thought I would wrap up this lovely week with it! 

1. I've been working on finishing these mandala pieces that I started so long ago and finding myself struggling with the process. I'm thinking that the creative process works in pulsation: the pulsation of struggle and flow. 
Because some days I struggle and some days I flow.
I am learning (very very slowly) to embrace this spectrum.

2. I got the best hair cut I've ever had this week! I tend to be kind of lazy about getting my hair cut because I've always thought that it was kind of a waste of money...I've even cut my own hair before, thinking that I could do just as good a job as anybody (this idea might have formed after I made a hairdresser scream when I forgot to tell her I had a dread lock!) But on monday, all of that changed. I had a haircut that literally made me feel like a new person! I loved it! I loved how it changed my whole look and made me feel more confident. I never thought a simple haircut would have that kind of transformational power, but I do now. I am officially a believer in hair cuts.

3. I am getting ready for an event that happens every year in Vermont called Open Studio. My dad decided to participate this year and invited me to come show some of my work in his studio as well! It's taking place next weekend (the weekend after this coming one)! I will be posting more about this next week!

4. My baby brother graduates from college this weekend! Congrats Pat, I know you will do great things with your beautiful life!

5. My brother is always finding the best things on you tube. This week he shared the following video with me. This child absolutely melts my heart and makes me smile.
Have a wonderful weekend!



aimee said...

i just love your work, eliza lynn! your style is so distinctive - like nature raining color. have a great day and enjoy that new haircut!

Leaves and Feathers said...

Wonderful list of 5 things and beautiful Mandala, I also really like the ones in your banner! I like the introspection in the list of things....that aren't really "things" but more like perceptions that you had over the week. Especially the haircut one, as I am a lazy haircut person too...I have not been to hair salon in over a year, but I have always liked the idea that a really good haircut can transform your life life, and is proof!

jacqueline said...

WOW Eliza, this Mixed media mandala is so gorgeous! I am loving it!! It's so much fun to read your five random things! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


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