Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Open Studio Part One


As I mentioned in Friday's post, this coming weekend is Open Studio Weekend in Vermont, a weekend when artists and craftspeople open their studio spaces to the public. 
It is a unique opportunity to see the spaces in which artists create, all over the state of Vermont! If you are in the area this weekend, I definitely recommend checking it out! You can go to the Vermont Craft Council's website to find maps of all the locations of studios.
My dad is participating this year in his new studio space.
My dad (Eric Tobin) has been a full time landscape painter for eleven years now. When I was little, his studio was a small back bedroom in our house, and when that space overflowed with paintings, he built a bit bigger studio in the back of garage and the summer before last he expanded that studio out and up, building a beautiful studio with light and space. I am really excited for him to be able to share it with people.
He's been working all week, building frames, organizing and 
placing paintings where he wants them to be. 


I am also excited to share original paintings from my Art Asana collection to the public for the first time! 
On Sunday, I will be in and around Dad's studio, working and sharing my process with any one who is interested and talking about my work.
 I am a little bit nervous about being so seen like this, but it will be good for me!

Later this week, I'll put up more pictures of the "studio" space I've set up here in a corner of my dad's studio.

As part of getting ready for this weekend, I'm churning out some new work (which I've been sharing these last few days). Here's one that feels summery and citrusy to me!


"Citrus Pulse" mixed media by Eliza Lynn Tobin
8x8 print available here.



aimee said...

what a wonderful experience to share with your dad! i wish you all the best!

gina said...

What a fun event! Hope you have a great time seeing art and sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time! Wish I could stop by, but I'll be in Kansas City ;)

Lis said...

have a wonderful time ... ride the wave, accept that the flow will take you where you need to be :)

i just drool whenever i see your mandala pieces - the intense light/color like stained glass and the sense of energy moving/pulsating ... oh yes!

Ann and Todd were originally Kripalu teachers (the tradition I am trained in) and the co-listening is something every Kripalu workshop uses. So powerful! The Energy Intensive weekend held at Kripalu is amazing if you ever want to check out a program there.

And I'm sure I told you how Ann was the teacher who talked about taking 7 years after teacher training finally start teaching. What she said has powerfully impacted me - she said "eventually, the love of the teachings became greater than my fear of teaching." I think about that whenever I am afraid to take the next step - asking, which is greater, the fear or my love of what I am doing/offering/sharing? The love is always greater! :)

Books - oh, my yes ... let's share some lists! I'll have to get back to you on that one (my middle name is Amazon.com)

♥ Lis


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