Monday, May 31, 2010

Open Studio Part Two

It was a busy weekend here at the Tobin homestead! 
We had two different wedding parties use my parents basement for arranging flowers for the weddings that happened on Saturday. 
My dear friend (since Kindergarten) was married Saturday afternoon and I had the honor of being the Maid of Honor in her wedding...many congratulations go out to her and her new husband!
Along with all the wedding flurry, my dad had the Open Studio going on and
I took pictures to take you on a short, virtual tour! 
Here we go!

(extra wedding flowers that given to us for the studio)

(my dad's unframed paintings)

(One of Dad's framed paintings)

(studio entrance)

(my wall of work)

(my prints, artist bio, business cards and note cards... the last of which I'll put up on etsy soon!)

(wall of my originals)

It was really cool to have all of my work up in one place, to receive feedback and have an opportunity to talk about the work and discover what about it people were interested in knowing. All and all, it was a great experience.

On another note, my thoughts and prayers go out to loved ones, family and friends of those who lost lives to war as we pause today to remember them and their service to our country. I also send my thoughts and prayers out to those still overseas and to their friends and families back here at home. May they return safely and swiftly home.



Anonymous said...

howdy from Kansas (Aunty Em, Aunty Em!)

Your wall of artwork looks great. When we meet up in June, I hope to buy one of your pieces for our place :)

Congrats on the showing...

gina said...

Thanks for the virtual tour--I love your wall of work! Sounds like it was a very positive experience. Congrats!

Lis said...

How utterly inspiring, amazing, beautiful to see your wall - WALL! - of original art work!! What an accomplishment! And how wonderful to share that experience with your father.

Yes, i am having trouble deciding which piece would look best in my yoga room ...

xo Lis

Ann Marie said...

So happy to discover your blog. You combine two of my favorite things - art and yoga. I also practice Anusara yoga and just love it. I'll be back for sure. :)

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful wall of work! I'm hoping our home renovation will finish in a couple months. In a new hallway I'm going to put a wall of my art on one side and a wall of others' art on the other. I can't wait.

Emma said...

what a beautiful, beautiful collection. i was wondering... would you allow me to post an image on my blog ( i would obviously link to this website and any others you like. i would very much like to show as many people as possible your beautiful work!!



linwood avenue said...

just stopping by from the ecourse. i LOVE your work! especially the vibrancy of the colors, it all is very unique.


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