Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home Again

{Tulsi in her glory}

Well hello! 

I'm back on the Cape after my time in Vermont! 
My dog is giving me hateful looks (which sort of hurts, coming from a loving lab).
 that say "How dare you take me away from a back yard where I can chew on bark mulch, 
swim in the pond,
 and run in cow pasture eat cow poop" (I know...gross...)
Yes, how dare I. 
Not to mention, her very best dog friend lives in Vermont.
I am certainly in the dog house.

But alas, we are back home.
At the Open Studio, I learned a lot about showing my work 
and it got me excited about finding other venues to share my work. 
I reflected on the list of all the things I needed (and will need next time!), 
that I never would have thought of on my own (thanks Dad!) and thought I would share them with you in case anyone out there is thinking about showing their work for the first time:
  • a sales book (the kind with carbon copies to give to the customers)
  • white address labels to write the names of the pieces, size and price on
  • a level (to hang my work so it wasn't crooked) and tape (to keep it from falling out of place)
  • a sharpie (to sign my pieces...why hadn't I thought to sign them before?)
  • an Art Asana Monthly Newsletter sign-up sheet (yup! I'm going to start a newsletter soon!)
  • baskets or something to display cards/prints in
  • foam core signage
  • an "About the Artist" sheet kind of thing
  • business cards
  • an open mind and good attitude (you never know what kinds of things people will say and you can't let it get you down)

Does anyone have other good advice about what you need to have at art/craft shows?

It's good to be home. 
Everything is much greener then when I left and I am going to get our tomato plants planted.
I have big planters that are going on the porch and I'm going to fill them with
lettuce and rainbow swiss chard.
Summer is here and 
 I'm dreaming about how I am going to decorate our porch...

{the "before" picture of our porch...the table and chairs belong to our landlord, but I think we have use of them?}

Any DIY ideas?



Julie Kirk said...

Hi there, thanks so much for dropping by my blog - I try to put one thing I've overheard on my blog each week :)

As for those chairs on your porch, I thin a few made to measure cushions would brighten them up a treat.


Amber said...

Great show supplies list and your porch has so much potential! Color! It needs color! Maybe you could paint something? An outdoor painting?

jacqueline said...

Welcome back and your dog is gorgeous! Thanks so much for hsaring your experience at the art/craft show!! I love that idea of Newsletter sign-up sheet!! I have never done any craft show but i do hope to try it one day!
Your porch is gorgeous and i think it will look really pretty with flowers and color cushions like dots or strips on the chairs! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

aimee said...

welcome back! getting away for a bit has a fabulous way of inspiring freshness and excitement in our work and lives - i love travel for that reason! it sounds like you had a supercharging time!

Kristen said...

Our lab looks like your lab! Our lab, Honey Bear, is an English Lab. We got rejected by the lab rescue organization because we don't have a fully fenced yard, but then got a call from them about Honey Bear. She had (what they thought) was cancer and a mass on her spleen and months to live, and they asked if we would hospice her. We said yes (gulp) and over the course of a year and 4 months had tumors and splenic masses removed and she is completely cancer free and healthy and we just love her to death! I totally know how it is to get mean looks from a lab and feel bad!!! OMG! My boyfriend takes her to work every single day and we'll leave her for a few hours to go out to breakfast on the weekend or something, and we get the look, and it just kills us!!!!! And then I'm like, wait a minute, she goes everywhere with us!!!!!! hahahaha Those labs :)


Suzanne said...

Hi from a fellow Flying Lessons student.
How about painting the floor of the porch? You could tie in the colors of the cushions, and any artwork you put on the walls. You could hang blown-glass crystal balls (ornaments) from the ceiling, unless you think a lot of wind will come through.


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