Saturday, June 5, 2010

Best Stuff

{me, working on courage, honesty and openness}

It's really late here. So late in fact, it's early Saturday. The birds are singing. I almost always sleep through the night, but for some reason tonight, I woke up after four hours in bed and was 
And I was thinking about this blog. and those who've I been connecting with out there in this blogosphere. A lot seems to be buzzing here in this online world for me and I feel as though I am barely keeping up. I have been inspired lately by so many wonderful, creative and lovely people out there and I long to bring the quality of courage and honesty and openness that is outpouring out there, in here to this blog. 
It's a work in progress. 
Sometimes I feel as though I am caught in wide net cast in the sea. Even though, I'm submerged by the water, I can't seem to find a way to freely swim about and connect with all the other fish. But I long to connect better. 
I long to get out of my own way and as Kristen Walker, says in her awesome post, 
"put my best stuff out there into the world". 

This week, Kristen also wrote this beautiful article on creative tithing, over at It was about an experiment she's doing where she purchases a handmade item from an artist/craftsperson once a month as a way to support her creative community. It was a beautifully written article, and she brings up so many good points, about how supporting others in their creativity, really supports you too! I was honored to be featured as one of the artists she interviewed as part of the post. She asked me the question "What effect do sales have on your life and creativity?" 
and I answered, "Sales help me as an artist to keep doing what I'm doing. Not only do sales allow me to pay for the materials I need to keep creating, but they also give me encouragement to keep going. For me they are concrete signs that what I am doing is what I am meant to do. I truly believe that when you do what you love and you offer it up to the world, the universe (through the support of other people) steps up to support you. I also like to think that sales of my work, help me to support others in their creative dreams and ideas. When I make money, I can then go out and support people/ideas/companies I believe in. For example I can buy local, organic food from the farmer working to support their dreams of keeping their farm. I can buy other hand made items, supporting the dreams of artisans and craftspeople. In this way, I can do my part to keep the circulation of money flowing towards 
ideas and people I believe in." 

Thank you Kristen for your thought provoking question, your inspiring post on creative tithing and for your warm, couragous posts on your blog. This girl totally rocks.

and so, I've done some creative tithing of my own. And Kristen was right. It feels amazing to support others as I want to be supported.

and found myself with a beautiful magnet from artsyville/Aimee . I am always so inspired by Aimee's colorful content, both the visual aspects of all her wonderful creations. Her blog is funny and honest and always brightens my day! Now I have this inspiring magnet to help remind me why it is I set forth on this teaching path. Thank you, Aimee.
I also am now loving two prints, "Our Love" and "Hope" from Faith over at Leaves and Feathers and They. Are. Beautiful.
Thank you, Faith.

Along with that, I have been super inspired this week by Lis and her posts over on dandelion seeds and dreams. Lis, you are so insightful and I so appreciate your reflective way of writing about your experience. It always feels like your touching on a well of deep truths that I can relate to too. Your support and thoughtful words here on my blog continue to urge me on in both my yoga practice and creative journey....Thank you, Lis.

So here's to all you wonderful, creative, lovely people out there.
Here's to getting out of the net, to connecting, to supporting others.
Here's to courage and honesty and openness.



aimee said...

i love the thought behind creative tithing - and i'm so honored that you picked my magnet! thank you! :)

Kristen said...

I just read your comment on my blog and checked over here and read this AMAZING post! I can feel such good energy radiating from your picture that you posted. This is great stuff. I love the honesty and openness in this post (AND in the photo!!!). You are connected - you *are* connected. And I love the magnet you purchased from Aimee! Thanks for sharing that. I look forward to reading your posts - you have so much to share and I feel blessed to be connected to you.

Nat said...

I love your piece called 'Bloom'. You write "As I step more into the space of light, I allow more holding space for the dark. I'll do my best to appreciate the budding as much as the bloom." I understand more of the dark than I do the light, and so to see your words about the budding is inspiring. I think I am buying this for my blooming self.

Kolleen said...

what a wonderful post!!!

thank you for introducing me to Kristen Walker...i am absolutely going to check out her article on creative tithing...sounds really great!!!

i too love Aimee and Faith's creative treasures!!!

happy sunday to your pic!!

i am a fellow flyer and loving every minute of this e-course!!!


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

HI there! popping in from the Flying Lessons class and so glad that I did! Here's to another great week of learning andgrowing together-Robin

jacqueline said...

Oh i love that creative tithing article! I totally agree with you on supporting others living their creattive dreams! Such a lovely post and i adore your photo! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

Blue Moon Mama said...

Beautiful photo & inspiring post. I am so glad I found you through Kelly Rae's ecourse. I'm already adding you to my blogroll so I can find you easily for return visits.

I will have to check out scoutiegirl's blog to see the full interview. I live the idea of supporting other artists. I just bought my first art pieces from etsy shops this weekend and I'm so excited. I'm going to make a bigger effort from now on to buy local food & hand made products/art. It just feels good to support other people's dreams & so much more personal & meaningful than buying from big corporations.

Sweet Gypsy Promise... said...

Gosh, your site and art are gorgeous. So open and beautiful. You are connected in a big way, how could you not be?! Just look at the magic you are making.

Lis said...

Wow! Such good company I am keeping! I can humbly say, the circle of inspiration flows among us all! And a part of me feels grateful that you are also like you are barely keeping up with all the wonderous stuff flooding the blogosphere! I come here and feel soothed and recognize we are moving at the pace that is perfect for us. I see such amazing growth and change within your world (do you see that?): your art, teaching, blogging ... you definitely "put your best stuff out there!"

Beautiful and timely post for me, thank you. I have guests here and isn't it silly how 5 days "off" makes me feel hopeless behind? Obviously, I needed this break ... and time to reconnect with all the lights of inspiration out there! Thank you for your light and love and for the beauty you put into the world.


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