Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Triangular Light

Triangular Light1
"Triangular Light"
Mixed Media Original Painting

I've been asked a couple of times recently what the words were all about in the backgrounds of my paintings. A lot of the time, I cover up the words with the images without writing them down elsewhere, so only the record I have of what I wrote, are the few words that blink through paint and images covering them. It occurred to me recently to copy the writing in another place too, so that I can still access that part of the process. 
Mostly the words are inspired by the image itself. I just write from my heart, like I would in my personal journal. Sometimes (this always gives me chills to think about), I seem to receive a direct message from the image itself...I know this sounds a little out there, but I use the image dialouging process  used by one of Lesley University's Art therapy Professor, Shaun McNiff.

I created the above image of the figure in triangle (trikonasana) pose a while back and finally finished the painting above the week before last. I decided to put the painting up on etsy as an original piece. 
While I was working on the background words, the following message flowed through me and onto the paper. For me, it was speaking about the experience of the pose, of what happens when we engage with the body and the breath:

"I hinge forward from the waist to see myself from a new perspective, triangularly. I extend space through my torso to grow lighter on the inside. I feel strong and steady, steady and strong. On the inside I am different every day, different every day. I breathe into this difference and into sameness too. I breathe in to gently soften and blur my edges the way the sun blurs into the earth at dusk. Can I tell where I end and the rest of the world begins?


I lean back into this knowing and this not knowing because I can tell air versus skin, I can tell gravity versus bone. I remember this kind of embrace, this kind of love. For a moment, I delight in its sweetness, in its purity, clarity and fullness. From my core, I send this love back down to the roots from which it came. I extend through the center of myself, out a liquid crown of lengthened thought. I look up to see fingertips extending, sky bound, grasping the heavens. I dive in to shine my own light out. I move to make space for the new. I breathe to invite release, to initiate change, to unfold the light."

P.S thank you to all of those coming over to to visit my blog and leaving your kind thoughts and support! I really appreciate it, you are all so lovely! 



jacqueline said...

WOW Eliza, this is such a percious piece. I truely love that the words to your piece are always inspired by the painting. That image dialouging process is so interesting! I am always drawn to mixed media art work with perious words. Thanks so much for sharing your work with us!
Oh and thank you so much for sharing your christmas story when you were a little girl with me. It made me giggle for i was doing exactly the same thing over the weekend in my little studio ~ listening and singing at the top of my lungs to mariah carey's christmas cd! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!!

La Gitane said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog and leading me to yours! Your art is beautiful and inspiring, thanks for sharing it via the world wide web!

Nice to meet you!

Liberty said...

I find everything you post so beautiful and genuine!
This post and piece of art are no exception. I love the vibrant colours and also the words you have shared.

Lis said...

"I dive in to shine my own light out" oh yeah! Such a beautiful explore of the process of truly practicing/BEING yoga ...

I can totally see you leading workshops that allow writers to explore themselves through the body, through the postures, through flow ...

oh yeah, sign me up!

my only confusion: WHICH of your amazing artworks do I love most? Like the asanas, my preferences change from day to day :)

excited to be in 21/5/800 together.

lilasvb said...

beautifull post

Kerri said...

oh, i love that piece! :)


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