Thursday, May 6, 2010



That's me! Age 3...
Today I'm turning another year over, celebrating another year of my life gone by and another year to come.
This afternoon, I'm going to do the number of sun salutations of years that I am old. 
I did this practice last year on my birthday and found it an amazing way to honor where I'd been on this  journey of life.
During each sun salutation, I honored that year, that point in my life. 
This crazy beautiful life, oh how it does fly.



aimee said...


Jardino said...

Oh so cute!! And what a heartfelt way to celebrate your life by honouring each year with a sun salutation! Happy belated birthday Eliza... have a wonderful weekend. x

Lis said...

Such an adorable picture! And belated Birthday wishes :) I love your birthday tradition ... i have awhile before my next birthday, so i had better start building up my stamina!

I hope your celebrations are continuing into this week - enjoy!

namasté - lis

Erica G said...

Happy Birthday...a bit late. I collect Raggedy Ann stuff! Cute!


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