Monday, October 5, 2009

Beginning where I am

   Hello! I am making my first appearance in the world of blogging! I’ve been very inspired lately by many wonderful artists and writers out there making their mark and I am excited to be joining the ranks. This blog is about my creative journey and my graduate study on “Yoga and Creativity”.

"Shine"     Mixed-media painting by Eliza Lynn Tobin

I (and many other people) believe that each one of us is innately creative. It is our birthright as human beings and most of us find ways to express it whether we know it or not.  Unfortunately, many of us feel stuck behind our habits of self-reduction, our lack of belief in ourselves as creative beings. I certainly do. I am so often filled with negative judgment about my creative self, that I am often immobilized and completely detached from my own sense of freedom and creative playfulness.

    "Fear Flowers"      Mixed-Media by Eliza Lynn Tobin       

Where these misaligned notions come from, I do not exactly know, but I do know this: based on my own experience, I have found yoga helps me expand more deeply into my creativity. As an artist, and sometimes writer, this was a very valuable discovery for me. I decided to make it my inquiry and take it on as a graduate study.

         Along the way, I’ve been incredibly surprised and intrigued by all that is out there on this subject and by the authors and teachers I have been working with. I have been researching creativity and yogic philosophy, writing papers about the process of creativity and synthesizing the experiences I’ve had with yoga and art. I have continued to move through the space of the questions that arise from the subject “Yoga and Creativity” in an experiential way. 

"Big Blue Heart"     Mixed-Media by Eliza Lynn Tobin

 I have found that what I am really practicing when I am practicing yoga, is trust. It is a trust and connection to something bigger then myself, to a universal presence that I am closer to when I am practicing regularly. The practice of this faith and trust on the yoga mat translates to more faith and trust in my own creativity when I sit down with my paints and pens. Trust, that even when it feels like I have no idea what I am doing, allows me to keep moving forward and keep showing up.

So this is where this blogging adventure begins, here in the early scratches of a new soul trying to bring more creativity and love into the world, one mistake, fumble or success at a time. Welcome to the journey.



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americanepali said...

Beautiful :) I love it already... keep up the good work!


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