Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Random Things: Yoga Edition

I watched part of this movie, which I found over at Daily Cup of Yoga (which is a great blog I just discovered with lots of yoga inspired information and posts). It's inspired by the Indian Epic Ramayana, and is an artsy take on the story of Hindu Gods Sita and Rama by director Nina Paley....thought it was a fun thing to pass on this Friday afternoon!

2. Bindu Wiles 21.5.800


I joined in on an yoga/writing challenge!
The challenge, posted by buddhist teacher Bindu Wiles is to write 800 words a day and practice yoga 5 out of 7 days of the week for 21 days total! I have been practicing yoga a lot lately anyway and write on this blog and in my daily morning pages pretty regularly, but its always helpful to have more intention about these practices! I also love the idea of joining together with a whole community of people for a challenge like this. I believe that when an individual becomes a part of something bigger and participates in the greater community, the whole group is uplifted and empowered!

3. 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Until I started writing this post, I didn't even realize how many challenges I was participating in! But this is another one! Luckily, this challenge over laps with the last one and the next one! This is a monthly facebook challenge hosted by Anusara teacher Amy Ippoliti. Each month there is a new pose that you can work on each day for a month. Sometimes they are timed poses, like this month is a timed (1-2 minutes) of pincha mayurasana.
I adapted the challenge to my level (pincha at the wall and working up to a minute) and have done a pincha almost every day since the beginning of June! My shoulders are feeling it for sure and maybe even becoming stronger!

4. 1,000 Hours of Yoga Project
So, you may have noticed in my profile that I started another blog and when you click on that other blog there is nothing there! I started the blog to keep track of/journal about my yoga practice and decided a few weeks ago to commit to 1,000 hours of Yoga and even created a contract with myself (which I plan to post on over on that blog when I get around to getting it's on the "to-do" list for next week!)
as a way to intentionally practice yoga to evolve my connection to my heart.
Since I began keeping track on April 27th, I have practiced 33 hours.
I have a long way to go to get to 1,000 but I have my whole life time to get there.
There is just something about jumping on a challenge that keeps getting me back to the mat, especially on those days when I'd rather just blow it off.

What motivates you to keep up with your daily practices?

5. Practical Sanskrit
Finally, I thought I'd share a fun blog I discovered to learn/contemplate the language of yoga, sanskrit. It is a wonderful resource, so I thought I'd share it here with you today!

Have a wonderful weekend!

(plans for next week: create new artwork! What are your plans for next week?)



jacqueline said...

These are wonderful links! Thanks so much for sharing! It boost my inspiration to pick up yoga classes! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

dancingyogini said...

I love those Links! i didn't know about the amy ippoliti challenges -- what a great idea!! i'll have to join in.
your blog and your webpage have inspired me to update my online life and make it more resemble my offline life. so now my newest rendition of my blog is at and so one of my plans for the next week is to post a few more times there and start back into the flow of that. also this week my goal is to make some heart language inspired artwork (also inspired by your works) to practice asana 5 times and to write a description of a workshop i'm teaching in august. finally just to go outside and breathe deep, even in the heat! love to you... Sarah F.

Anonymous said...

Sita Sings the Blues is a great movie. I think I heard about it a while back on NPR. An interesting take on an old classic...

gina said...

Wow! You are busy with some great activities--I especially like your commitment to yoga. Thanks for the links...I will check them out.

EricaG said...

Great post. Enjoyed my visit!

Lis said...

I cannot wait to check out all those links!

I love your commitment to a thousand hours of yoga ... it is amazing to me how much my practice has changed now that I have my daughter and other "practices" competing for my attention. And I lapse a lot, but then I know I've built up a foundation from previous years of practice and I crawl, joints creaking, back to my mat. I am loving the challenges for yoga that are out there and helping me feel connected and supported.

Have you seen the movie "Fire" by Deepa Mehta? An interesting commentary on feminine models in India. I LOVED her movie "Water."

As always, I leave here recommitted to my practice! Namasté!


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