Monday, September 20, 2010

Five ways to balance the Root Chakra


Today, I have for you a list of
Five ways to balance the Root Charka! 

How do you know if your root chakra is out of balance? 
Well, if you are feeling ungrounded, fearful, unsettled in your life, disassociated from your body, or restless your Rook Chakra may be out of balance. In the following list, I present to you five ways to feel more grounded, stable, prosperous, and healthy and to help you embody a sense of 
rightness in your life and work!

1. Bring awareness to the feet
Get in touch with your foundation through toe yoga (or toga! Not to be confused with a college frat party!) One way to do this is by interlacing your fingers between your toes and roll those toes around! 
Another way is to stand with one foot on a tennis ball and roll the ball under the sole of your foot. Make sure to get all the nooks and crannies of the oft forgot foot with the tennis ball. After you've worked on one foot. Stand for a minute to observe the differences you feel in the foot and then do the other foot!

2.Warrior Poses
Of course I would throw some yoga asana into the mix! Standing poses are particularily good at getting us more grounded and rooted. Try Warrior one, two and three! keep the feet actively engaged by rooting evenly down through the big toe ball mound, little toe ball mound and the two corners of the heels, lift and spreading the toes to feel how that activates the muscles of the legs and creates a sense of strength and stability in the legs. keep that engagement and then from the pelvis root down through the legs and into the feet, and at the same time, rise up out of the pelvis and extend the spine, the crown of the head, the finger tips in a full expression of who you are.

3. Get out into Nature
Spend some time outdoors, taking in the beauty of the natural world. Take in the smells of falling leaves and crisp air. Listen to the sounds of wind dancing through the trees, birds singing and the buzzing of insects. Observe the thick, secure roots of the biggest tree you can find. Walk barefoot in the grass and feel the earth beneath your toes. When we connect with the natural world, we get a better sense of our place with in it and it grounds us.

4. Running, brisk walking or dancing
Any type of movement that gets us into our legs and feet helps us to feel more rooted and grounded. It gets the heart pumping blood to the extremities of the body as well as charges up the metabolism. It gets the body to release endorphins. All of these things help to make us feel good, to feel secure and strong in our physical bodies, which is a sign of a healthy root chakra!

5. Meditation on the Root Chakra
This is a short, 2 minute meditation I created for you! Enjoy!

Have wonderful day!


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