Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Applesauce and Artlessness

I'm still cranking out writing/ideas/brainstorm papers for my grad study and although it's about a topic I love, I am feeling a little Artless, especially with no clear frame of time in which I'll be able to get out my paints again....Not to worry though, I'll be back at it soon enough... 
For today's post, I thought I'd share what I did this past weekend during a few quick days at my parent's home in Vermont. I was still pretty sick from last week, but I did get out for a little late season apple picking. With those apples we made homemade applesauce!
{me, bundled up to pick apples...it was pretty cold out}
{dropped apples floating in puddles left from the nor'easter the night before}
{back at home, we cut the apples up and let them soften in a pan over heat}
{once the apples were soft, we put them into the "squeezo" machine. We had to push them down into the funnel with a mallet as we turned the hand crank}
{that pushes the apple guts out through a hole}
{and leaves all the sweet, mushy goodness to fall into the bowl}
{and then you have warm, delicious applesauce. And the whole house smelled good!}
This is one of the reasons I love fall. It was also fun to do a project that had an end in sight and that I was actually able to finish! 
Now, back to work on my grad study....

Happy Tuesday!


1 comment:

JodiB said...

Looks absolutely yummy and a like it was a very comforting way to spend a post-sick week!


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