Monday, October 26, 2009

endings, beginnings and the places in between

Endings: This week is my last week where I am. We are moving. Today, I am supposed to be packing up the books and papers and art supplies that have attached themselves to the cupboards and shelves and tables of the room I used as my studio space for the last three months. It is a beautiful room, looking out on an expansive lake that stretched out to touch the mountains beyond it. I will be sorting out, itemizing and packing up my life's possessions for the third time in the past six months. I am relying on series of standing poses to help me to root down through all the shuffling and movement, to help me ride the waves instead of letting them
 wash me over. 

Beginnings: Starting out in a new, fresh place will be like building a sandcastle from scratch. All I'll have is the sand at the water's edge of possibilities.

The Places In Between: Before the ending ends and the beginning begins, I'll be driving up and down New England, stretching my mind around the papers to be written (for the grad study), the packing to be done (for the BIG move) and the yoga to be experienced (for the teacher training I am doing next week). This means that art (and this blog for that matter) will have to sit patiently in the corner, waiting for me to return, itching at the seams to have me back in it's grip. 
 I will be back when the ground levels out, when the sloshing waves of packing, and moving, and doing yoga teacher training, and writing my research paper has calmed to the gentle rolls of beautiful day.

P.S. The photos on this post are taken by my (very artistic, although he doesn't know it) brother. He calls this collection "Jar for Later", which is a collection of pictures taken on one of those days that is so beautiful and wonderful, you want to just capture it in a jar to save for later when your just not feeling as good about life. Thanks Pat!



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move! We look forward to seeing you two more!

Good luck with the work and safe travels dear friend!

I look forward to more soothing and interesting blogs when you have time to return :)

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?


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