Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm back!

"Sound Byte" Mixed-Media Journal Page by Eliza Lynn Tobin

The last few weeks have been a whirl wind of packing, moving, unpacking, and packing up a bag to take off with me to yoga teacher training. I feel like I have been whipped up in a blender! Perfectly pureed! We moved into our new space and have finally started to settle in. There is lots of light and I have a whole room to use as a yoga/art studio space! So despite all the craziness, the dust is beginning to settle a little bit and as soon as I finish the rest of the papers for my graduate study, I will be back to work on the art portion of my life. I am so excited to get back and hurl myself into it with reckless abandon! It's almost time to splash paint around and get messy! 

On the yoga front, I am incredibly grateful for my experiences out in Western MA last week. I was inspired by the dedication of my fellow teacher trainees as well as all of our amazing teachers. I feel empowered to deepen my understanding and engagement with my own yoga practice as well as teach this incredible system of yoga. 
I am feeling full of gratitude this morning. Here are some more things that I am thankful for today:
-my sleeping, cuddly dog
-hot oatmeal in my belly
-the ornamental japanese maple outside our apartment that is still loaded with bright red, orange and purple leaves!
-pandora radio
-inspiring yogis
-my supportive husband
-our insulated coffee carafe that keeps the coffee warm for hours!
-bright green pillows from ikea that make our living room more bright and colorful!
-our flourishing rosemary plant, smelling o-so-delicious!

What are you thankful for today?



Anonymous said...

come back! I missed you! but now you are closer, so that works out nicely :)

What am I thankful for today? hmm...
- good books (and a quite weekend full of reading!)
- good food (momos last Friday!)
- sunshine (today, got to appreciate it when you can!)
- our cute little dog who curls up with us in the morning but always sleeps in his own bed at night... you know when the sun will rise when he jumps in...
- fun shaped plants on my window sill at work
- P :)

Colleen said...
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Anonymous said...

oops... "come" back was suppose to be "welcome" ha ha... it is Monday morning...

Ricë said...

the cat sleeping in my lap
the furnace, which works wonderfully
my sweater
hot cocoa
orange socks.

well, i guess you can tell it's cold here~~


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