Monday, December 7, 2009

More on Trust

"Trust"   Mixed-Media Painting by Eliza Lynn Tobin

So I am still thinking about this BIG topic of Trust that I started writing about last weekend. I think that the biggest reason for this is that I am in the beginning phases of starting a business with my art (the planning phase, the "am I good enough?" phase, the "I am scared out of my gore" phase). So trust has been on my mind because I feel like I need a extra large spoonful of it these days. Over the weekend, I took the topic to my yoga mat. I thought about how it takes trust to do poses like handstand, how much hugging into the core of the body is required for a pose like that and how much trust that takes. It takes trust in myself to know that I am strong enough to pull into that central place. It takes trust to know that even if I do fall out of handstand, the ground will be there to catch me (hopefully as softly as possible). It's not as though I'm going to fall straight through the ground. Thank goodness for the ground! Then I moved onto some balancing poses, because they require trust also. How do I find trust in balancing poses, I asked myself? Again, it requires hugging into the center of myself, trusting that I will be supported from that place. I moved into Vasisthasana, side plank pose---a pose that in the past, I have hated, hated, hated because of the pressure it puts on my wrists, (especially on the right side).  I always dread doing this pose. However, as I have deepened my understanding and embodiment of the Anusara yoga principles, this pose has gotten better. But there is still some fear/discomfort/distrust that comes up when I go into it. But during the weekend's practice, I thought about how it especially takes trust (a lot of it) to do something that is scary and uncomfortable. I decided that by trusting that it will really all be OK, I would be able to move past the limitations that I have set up for myself.  Limitations that I have around a pose like Side Plank Pose, or the idea of making a living from my artwork. 

However with trust embedded in my weekend's practice, I did Side Plank Pose and I celebrated the small victory, believing, if for only a moment, that I can overcome any of my fears with TRUST that it will all work out.


jqline said...

Dear Eliza, it's my first time visitng your lovely bubble space and this's so inspirational! I love how you illustrate trust with yoga and i really like this statement "hugging into the center of myself".

I have only tried body balancing but have never try yoga...been telling myself that i should give it a try for wow almost a year now but have yet to move forward with it.

Your art is gorgeous and i am so happy to have found you in this creative world. I am also working on my little creative journey. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


Anonymous said...

First visit to your blog. I love your use of color, and I appreciate the honesty of your writing. Hope you'll visit my little space on the web. ~Erica G.


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