Wednesday, December 16, 2009


"Perched"  Mixed Media by Eliza Lynn Tobin
    This painting that I finished this week, perfectly describes where I've been at lately: "Perched on the edge of my perceived limitations, I can see farther then I ever imagined" it reads. Yes, I am perched, right at the edge of several of the dreams I've been scheming upon for a while. And it is terrifying (for I could fall or fail) and thrilling (I could succeed). Yoga has been helping me to slowly, quietly, lovingly, and gently nudge me closer to that edge. It is the force that opens my eyes to possibilities beyond what I can imagine. Maybe it makes me stronger and more able to experience my limitations without folding underneath them before I can slowly, quietly, lovingly, and gently push past them. The practice continues to help me really feel, really understand, the idea that we all have a unique gift to offer the world, that is ours alone to give. In my yoga practice (when I get past all my lame excuses not to practice), I see some glimpses of that gift, of that knowing that I possess something unique to me and it is my responsibility to share that gift no matter how scary that feels. 
      This morning, I ran across Jaime Ridler's "Wishcasting Wednesdays" prompt. It was "what do you wish to give" and as if she had been reading my mind, I started thinking about the answer to that question in relation to my "perching" on this edge of limitations. I thought about how giving my unique gift to the world was what I wished to give. By doing so, I might empower others to share their own true gifts in life. When each of us does this, I'd like to believe that it makes the world a better place. We all have something beautiful and unique to offer the world. How do we learn to get out of our own way enough to give it? How do I get out my own way and jump over my fears like the Cow jumps over the Moon?
      I think about what I could give if I did in fact jump over the moon of my fears without fear of failure or falling. Perhaps giving my unique gift to the world is how I could effect the world we life in positiviely--If we offer our unique gift (even if it scares us, especially if it scares us) and in turn others feel inspired to give their unique gifts, then suddenly all our lives are brighter, more colorful, more full of expression and love. Perhaps more gratitude would be offered, more care taken, more light shone into more dark places, more compassion to replace hatred, more healing to replace suffering, more peace to replace violence. More people would feel more full and we would all get to celebrate in that. So this wednesday, this ordinary day of extraordinary life, I wish to give my unique gift fearlessly, the unique expression of who I am (however that chooses to express itself). 



Giulietta said...

Hi Eliza,

If you are going to Lesley, we must both live in Massachusetts. Welcome to the circle. It's lots of fun. Really cool painting. Love the colors and the whole perched concept. We are usually the subject of our paintings.

Yes, I agree we all have a great gift to share. Why not share it? What an amazing world that would be. Instead of the hiding in the shadows of our gifts we currently ascribe to.

Take back your life - everyone!!!

I wish for you to jump over the moon fearlessly propelled by your amazing gift.

Giulietta, always musing

Ginny said...

As Eliza wishes for herself, I also wish for her. Yoga has also helped me to recognize some of my gifts. It helps me in so many ways each day. Please share your gift to the world. If you share your gift, then you will encourage someone else to share theirs and think of all the wonderful things that could happen.

Laura Hegfield said...

Yes...and so gradually, step by step, breath by breath we learn to stand on that edge, perched on possibility, we spread the wings of our hearts and share our shiny goodness with the world.

Sarah said...

As Eliza wishes for herself, I also wish for her.

Oh what a wonderful powerful wish!! I found that when I finally made the was not my fear of failure as much as my fear of success and all the resposibility that came with it that stopped me. Sending a good saddle your way...Let Fly with the moon jumping!!Namaste, Sarah

Kathy said...

Such a great gift and we love it! Thank you so much....

As Eliza wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well.

Sarah Lulu said...

Ohhh Eliza I loved that artwork and I can so relate.

As Eliza wishes for herself, I so lovingly wish this for her also.

faerwillow said...

~to giving your unique gift to the Eliza wishes to give her gift without fears of failure or falling so i wish for her too...even if we fall, we pick ourselves up and can begin again..i adore your painting! brightest blessing.~

Karen D said...

As Eliza wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.. Love the painting the colors are so vibrant and the intentions, wonderful.. may it be.

Sulwyn said...

As Eliza wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Anonymous said...

May you jump over the ways you ask for and in ways you haven't even imagined yet:)
As Eliza wishes for herself so I too wish for her as well.

Leaves and Feathers said...

Beautiful painting and beautiful words! The theme of birds is one that I never tire of. Thanks so much for entering my art giveaway 3 times :), I'd love for you to blog about it and definitely feel free to use the picture of me holding the print! Thanks so much for linking to my blog as well. I be back to visit soon!

jqline said...

I really enjoy reading your process of what you feel and your thoughts. Thanks for sharing it here with us for i truely enjoy hearing your creative journey. Really beautiful painting...i wish that all your dreams come true. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU! You are an inspiration!


Beverley Baird said...

As Eliza wishes for herself, I also wish for her.

Anonymous said...

You are really inspiring me to make a few healthy New Years resolutions to be more organized, positive and structured this year. I'll let you know how it goes ;)

Becca said...

How beautifully Eliza presents and represents her dreams!!!
I'm so happy to get to see this up close, forever and ever.
I feel perched and poised myself.
Love and light,


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