Friday, December 18, 2009

Leaves and Feathers: A Winter Giveaway

photo courtesy of Faith Evan-Sills at Leaves and Feathers
 It is a cold friday morning here on the Cape. But the sun is shining and I have listed many of the things I am grateful for in my morning pages journal, which always gets me off on the right foot. One thing I have been grateful for recently is the discovery of blogging. I've been at it now for about three months and I've posted some and read A LOT. There are so many inspiring blogs out there! One of these blogs, that I have just recently stumbled upon, features the gorgeous artwork of Faith Evan-Sills. She paints colorfully euphoric and ethereal paintings and this weekend, she is offering a Winter Solstice giveaway prize of her artwork. I've entered the giveaway by writing about it here in this post! Her work is really beautiful and I definitely recommend checking it out! So head on over to her blog, Leaves and Feathers to find out how to enter her giveaway!

Have a safe and Happy Weekend!



Leaves and Feathers said...

Eliza, thanks so much for posting about my giveaway and your sweet comments about my work! I really like the look of your blog...I think that you have been changing things around a bit right? Looks good, and I like your header. Welcome to the blogging world, I started blogging in May and I would never have believed all of the wonderful creative people that I have met in the amazing online community! So exciting!!

Tracy said...

Congrats to the winner... And such beautiful work of art--so whimsical and uplifting! So glad to have found your blog lately. Hubby & I will be away for a Christmas vacation and seeing my family. I look forward to visiting you here in the New Year. Happy Days! :o)


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