Monday, December 21, 2009

Pomegranate Celebration

        The sun shone in today after the weekend's storm. It was beautiful outside with the piles of snow glistening. I tried to dry apples to hang on my christmas tree, so I cut them star-ways and put them in the sun to get all wrinkly. With my pomegranate lunch, it felt festive! 

I am feeling more festive with all this snow fall! 

While it did it's blizzarding thing on Sunday, I put some of my artwork up in a shop on Etsy! See the new side bar to the right? That's my shop! So today I celebrated this with festive reds and a juicy pomegranate!

What did you celebrate today?



Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots! Yesterday, I celebrated friendship by having five girlfriends over for lunch. It always feels great to share my home and food with the people I care about.

Anonymous said...

your photos look like something out of a "Better Home and Garden" magazine! :)


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