Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Embracing changes

I've been playing around in photoshop to come up with a new banner. I replaced the old one, but am not totally sold on this new one. Photoshop is so cool, but I am such a novice at it! I've been inspired to really make this blog my own and so I am going to be experimenting with new post ideas, new blog looks, maybe some audio/visual stuff?, and whatever else this journey towards authenticity involves! So lots of tweaking to come to make the blog more "me". So I'm going to be "under construction" for the next couple of weeks! (Maybe a lifetime...seems like it might take that long to really grasp what is "me"...) Stay tuned!

What is "under construction" in your life?



frauheuberg said...

the same like you...hej, here´s ines...also a student from the BYW-course...i jump to your site...very interesting...;)...nice to meet see us in class...until then...a lovley weekend...cheers...

Merissa Cherie said...

Hi Eliza, it's fun to redo the blog, there's so many things you can do. Main thing is to make it you, like you said, and have fun!
Oh, and you will both enjoy Kauai! I love Hanalei Bay on the north shore and the Kokee (forest reserve)on the west side of the island. Kauai is so peaceful and I know you'll probably get in the mood to do yoga there. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Under construction eh?

Not sure what is under construction in my own life. School work? Nepali studying (or lack there of). Writing new stories. I feel so energized by writing these days. I guess that is less of "under construction" and more like "coming up for air" :)

I'm still looking forward to an eventual reunion!

Tracy said...

The new banner is fun, Eliza! And playing with Photoshop is addictive--LOL! I'm becoming better acquainted with it too. It will be great to see what changes you'll make here. Change at the moment for me is introducing some new jewelry designs to my shop--different designs, dreamy designs--I'm excited! Have fun with your changes and creating :o)


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