Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hART play in Pink and Gray

Sometimes I think I have the most resistance to the things I feel the most passionate about. When I finally have the time to do them, I do everything but the things I LOVE. I am so excited to be pursuing my art-making and yet I still wake up, sit down with my paints and feel like nothing is going to come out. Lately, I've been avoiding my yoga practice. So, I decided to take the matter to the mat. I moved into my yoga practice this morning with the question: "what does it take to pursue your passions?"

The answer for me was that it takes a lot of heart and a lot of guts. Neither of which I was feeling. So I moved through it. I focused on moving my shoulders back to make room for my heart to shine through. I engaged my abdominals in slow (painful) crunches to engage my power center, to bring courage back into my gut.

After the yoga, my heart felt a little more open. I was filled with visions of pink and gray. Perhaps they are the colors of passion. I surrounded myself with them and went back to work.
A part of a piece emerged.
A heart.
Pursuing it's Passions.



faerwillow said...

~love all the colors...very warming...~if you sneak over to my blog there is an AWARD for you and kind of a little challenge that goes along with it...brightest blessings~

Mrs. M said...

I followed you over here from the BYW class and I just have to say that I love your blog!

this post was very inspiring and that last painting is *gorgeous*. keep up the good work :)

Jardino said...

I also am a fellow BYW classmate... and only just stumbld upon your blog;) I love the heart painting below, it has so much passion emanating from it!!


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