Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Random Things

Happy Friday!
I thought maybe today I would share a bit more about who I am by telling you five random things about myself (do I sense a series coming on?? perhaps....)

1. Lately, I've had to fight the urge to put an exclamation point after everything I say!

2. I have one dreadlock. I call it Shiva because the Hindu god Shiva is depicted with dreadlocks and I kind of have a thing for Shiva. It has scared a few hairdressers who've I forgotten to tell its there. I can't cut it off until I go back to India (where it all began). No plans to go back in the immediate future.

3. If I was trapped on an island and could choose only one art supply to live with, I would choose a sharpie marker (assuming the island had lots of paper, endless food supply and the sharpie never ran out of ink)

4. My favorite yoga pose is the wheel, Urdhva Dhanurasana, because it reminds me to keep my heart open.

5. I believe that the world has more good in it, than bad.

What are five random things about you?

Have a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

I love how the picture collage came out -- looks great!

-Liza (BYW classmate)

Tracy said...

neat picture collage!

I'm intrigued by the 1 dreadlock though -- why not go all out? or is it a secret? ;)

Lis said...

I have to laugh at number one as my 5 year went through a phase where she was in love with the exclamation mark! :)

Five random things ... hmmm ...

I planned to go to India (still do) but got waylaid by China ...

I own no red clothing and only recently have come to like the color (it looks great on my daughter)...

I had to teach myself to like bananas (first, ate them frozen, then cold, then finally room temperature)...

My favorite yoga pose is warrior 2 - I need to feel grounded and open hearted at the same time ...

I cannot sleep with anything on my legs or feet - I have a "thing" about my feet being cool and moisturized (something to do with my vata/pitta-ness!)

Oh, I too have a thing for Shiva and Ganesha although Lakshmi has been making her presence known to me lately (never mind how Kali has tested me - my goodness!)

Jai Bhagwan ♥

by-the-way, we used to live in Boston and still go to Cape Cod in the summer for a week at the beach. I have a friend who sends me shells and stones from the Vineyard!

GOSIA said...

This header is lovely - so positive and vibrant! Bravo!

Lori said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and really like it! I'm off to check out your etsy best to you :)

Jardino said...

Love this Eliza - I really laughed at number one because I find myself doing that lately too! So five random things about me? Well lets see...
1. I have a ridge back dog named Bacco - after the god of wine and orgies. Unfortunately for him, he gets neither of these!
2. I've never been a pink girl, but for some damned reason I have this current obsession with hot pink?
3. I'm planning a trip to Italy in September, for a month... bellissimo
4. In doing this I have discovered that I really enjoy listing things?!
5. When I'm driving, I like to drive in silence;)


susans said...

love your artwork. Are the photos in maine or colorado. Enjoy!

Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

susans, the photos are mostly from Vermont and Cape Cod (MA)..thanks for stopping by everyone!

Liv Lane said...

Beautiful stuff! So glad to have found your blog. I'm all for playing along, so...

1. My embarrassing junior high crush on Jon Bon Jovi has yet to vanish.

2. My house currently looks like a Fisher Price landfill.

3. My family has always called me Rainbow Girl.

4. I worked in corporate America for a decade and I'm not sure how.

5. I love handwritten notes on lovely paper.

Anonymous said...

You still have the Shiva dread. It must be really long now... if you haven't cut it since India.

When do you plan to go back to India?

DaughterEarth said...

Thanks for sharing. I love your random about me facts. I would also bring a sharpie - if I was only allowed one art supply.


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