Monday, February 8, 2010



they say that home is where the heart is,
I guess I haven't found my home,
and we keep driving round in circles,
afraid to call this place our own.
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?

(lyrics of "Are we there yet" by Ingrid Michaelson)

The Creative Everyday theme of the month is "home". It's timely because I've been thinking a lot about this subject. I'm trying to figure out how to be more at home in my physical location, in my artwork and it's "style" and in my own body.

Last week I did a "practice teach" yoga class and wove this theme of "home" into the class.
I asked myself how does the theme of "home" could be embodied through yoga.
In a physical home, you turn a physical space into a home by decorating the walls and fill the space with furniture and your belongings, things you've collected over the years of life.
All of this creates a sense of comfort for me. The physicality of my belongings arranged in a way I find fit, gives my eyes something to stop upon. There is a sense of security and safety in being surrounded by my collection of things.

What kind of space do I want my homes to be?
I want an airy, light, clean, spacious, safe place.
By expanding the breath, I can create this kind of home in my body. I can fill up as if the space of my lungs was a light, airy room with the windows open in the summer. I can engage the muscles of my legs as if my skin and muscles hugging to the bones, were the walls of my house. I can create fortitude in this house of a body. Through yoga, I can let the light in the windows of my body and mind.

In my artwork, I can make space and become more at home with my own creative process, by letting go of a fixed idea of what is my "style" and just create. I can engage my creative muscle daily and in that deep digging, I can find a reservoir of creative freedom that I will expand outward with.

May we all be centered in the home of ourselves.



BeadsbyColor said...

Thats a great way of looking at home.I like your painting of the house with the heart in the center.

Anonymous said...

This is like nothing I've seen before!
It is very very beautiful and expressive ...

gina said...

I love how you're integrating yoga with the theme of home. And your art work is great....I really like your style. Today in my yoga class our instructor talked about letting the light of your heart shine out to the world--similiar to your idea.

Liberty said...

oh WOW!
I found your blog through CED and I am in love with your style!

Tracy said...

this was a great post, Eliza. the painting is gorgeous -- such warm, "homey" colors. x

Anna Fernando said...

Hello there... I am also a BYW student and signed up for Leah's Creative Everyday 2010 project. I really love how you are combining art with yoga. Your picture of your "home" is beautiful. SO glad I stopped by.

Leah said...

so beautiful! i love the way you've reflected on the meaning of home!

aimee said...

this is incredible, eliza! i've finally put you in my google reader so i won't miss a post!

tortagialla said...

Wow, what a beautiful piece! Found you through CED.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I've come over after seeing your post featured on CED, Eliza. Your artwork is beautiful - I've been over to look at your etsy shop too - and I love this post. Look forward to reading / seeing more of your blog!

lilasvb said...

great post; i like it


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