Thursday, February 11, 2010



Lately, my husband and I have been taking our dog, Tulsi, to the beach for walks. We were there yesterday as it pelted snow and rain at us, even as the water remained soft and calm. We were there this morning, picking our way over the snow and sand holes and skirting the waves as they dashed in. I marveled at how different the ocean looks every time we're here. Somedays the waves are crashing and the sky is gray. Somedays the waves are quiet and little, gently lapping the sand.

(print available here.)

I love going out there and opening my arms to the expansiveness of the sky and to the way the ocean seems to be pulsing like a heartbeat.
Just being there makes my heart feel more open.
Tulsi runs and plays gleefully, chasing the sand globs that fly out from her paws.
Out there, there is a sense of knowing that this is what living with an open heart feels like:
Expansive, playful and full of love.

(print available here.)

In yoga, my body is a lot like the beach.
Different every day.
I take pause and breathe into the expanse of sky that are my lungs
and I attune, like the waves to the land, to my own heart.
When we attune more deeply to our hearts, our lives become more expansive, playful and full of love.

When we splash more from our hearts,
we are able to dance more like waves.



faerwillow said...

~inspiring words written and the colors tranquil like the each piece you bring forth...brightest blessings~

wildish woman said...

Such beautiful work!

Jardino said...

Your description of the beach has left such an impression on me... I feel full of the lightness of air and sea! Beautiful, thank you.

mariasangel said...

your paintings are beautiful and so soothing!!

Anonymous said...

I love this, gorgeous!


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