Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Music and Yoga

"Yoga and music strongly connect people. So what's the connection between them?" asks the introduction on the Pangea Films website to a documentary called "Wanderlust: Music and Yoga" directed by Matthew Caton.
I've been asking myself a similar question in my study of yoga and art for the past year and half.
Wondering, in my writing and research, what is at the root of the connection between yoga and any creative endeavor?
So clearly, I found this film fascinating to watch.
I've had the pleasure of getting to know Matthew Caton through our yoga teacher program. For the past year, I have witnessed his yoga practice and have been tremendously inspired by it, as we've journeyed along the incredible path to becoming teachers. Today, his art has also inspired me.
His film depicts 2009's Wanderlust Festival, a yoga and music festival that takes place in California. The film features several of the yoga teachers and musicians who highlighted the festival and discuss, in the film, the connections between yoga and music. It certainly lit up my creative flame for the day, so I wanted to share Matthew's incredible video here on Art Asana.

"Wanderlust: Music and Yoga" directed by Matthew Caton. Check out the website http://pangeafilms.com


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