Monday, March 1, 2010

Creativity Meditation Monday


Happy Monday and welcome to today’s Creativity Meditation! Have you ever noticed that you feel more connected to yourself and your world when you express yourself creatively? I do. I find that when I am feeling off kilter, it’s usually because I haven’t done anything to connect to my inner spirit, to that place inside of me that pulses with something bigger. More and more, I am learning how to tap into that place and cultivate trust in the guidance of that universal power. One of the ways I’ve learned to connect and trust my own insight is through creativity. In today’s Creative Meditation, I’ll share a creative exercise that invites you to tap into that under current of grace, of universal energy and listen to the guidance, and insight available to you there. This exercise is inspired by Betty Edward’s “Problem Analog Drawing Exercise” in Drawing on the Artist Within (1986).

Our meditation today will begin by tapping into the flow of the breath and then we will move into our creative exercise. After you finish the podcast, there are a few last ideas at the bottom of this post to end the meditation. The podcast is approximately 6 minutes long.


“Drawing turns the creative mind to expose its workings. Drawing discloses the heart of visual thought, coalesces spirit and perception, conjures imagination; drawing is an act of meditation.”

–Edward Hill, The Language of Drawing

For materials, gather together some paper and something to draw with: a pencil, a sharpie or other pen, or a thin paintbrush with paints. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit with these materials in front of you. When you are ready to begin, press the play button on the podcast. Enjoy!

Once you have listened to the meditation, hold your drawing out in front of you at arm length. Turn it upside down. Look at it sideways. See if you notice any insights arise. Perhaps they address the issue you brought to mind at the beginning of the exercise….perhaps something entirely different surfaces. On a separate piece of paper, jot down what you see in your pictures and anything else that comes to mind.

Trust whatever comes up.

May you learn to recognize and trust your inner light and your inner wisdom.


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