Friday, February 26, 2010

Five Random Things


Here's this week's five random things:

1. I've been contemplating this idea of effort vs. ease or work vs. play all week and decided that I need to do more of both and find the perfect balance between the two.
For work, I've started to document everything I do during a day (inspired by Marisa Hardike over at Creative Thursday) to see where I could be more productive and to hold myself accountable (less jumping around the net and more art-making!) and to be more realistic about my "to-do" lists, because right now they are a little off the charts and then I feel crappy when I don't get everything done....
and on that note,
For Play, I want to laugh more. I intend to do something each day that is in the spirit of play and fun, even if its just rolling around on the floor and rough housing with my dog!

2. I taught my first official yoga class this week! There was a lot I could have (and will) improve upon, but I also did some things really well. I was nervous and scared and had a bit of a breakdown afterwards (as I sometimes do when I step out of my comfort zone), but I did it and for that I am proud!

3. I signed up for another e-class (I might have a bit of an e-class addiction going on!) called "In the Fish Bowl: Life as an Artist online" with Marisa Hardike from Creative Thursday (mentioned above). Registration opened yesterday and it starts up in March!

4. It's been raining and dark here on the Cape all week, which has swung the mood into low more than once, but the forsythia branches my husband's parents cut for us are blooming and bright, reminding me that I can create light on the inside and bloom it out, no matter what the conditions are outside of myself.

5. I want to express my gratitude this week to my mom, dad, brother and husband who inspire and uplift me every day. They have been following my blog and this week, learned how to create screen names and leave comments with their ideas and love! Thanks, guys!

How was your week? Do you have five random things you want to share?



Lis said...

you remind me of a phrase a yoga teacher once said (and i try to apply to my life) "never forces, never holding back."

congratulations on teaching! something that helps me when i teach is to remember, i'm not doing anything ... rather, the teachings are flowing through me and i am simply there to love.

i thought of you today as i pulled out some great books by Victor Van Kooten who is an artist and a yogi ...

It has been a hard week for me, for reasons, I am not sure. just my time to thrash about in my life.

last summer we spent a week in a boat house on the cape and to this day, my daughter will say "i wish we were at the boat house!" maybe not if it is raining ... my regards to the Cape and to the seals of Monomoy.

Namasté - lis

Lis said...

oops ... that should read "forcing"

Jacqueline said...

This is such a cool cozy space you have here. I am enjoying your 5 random things column. It's really nice to meet someone both into yoga and creativity. I do want to pick up yoga but till now i have yet to push myself to sign up for a class. >_< So happy you sign up for Marisa's e-course...i am sure you will learn alot and be very inspired. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


aimee said...

loving that drawing! it looks like a seascape of stained glass!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chance to visit my favorite blogs in awhile. Busy week! You have some beautiful content here.


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