Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playing with Poses


I played with painting figures in different yoga poses today.


I did some gesture drawing with the paint brush
to capture the movement of the pose.


I used darker tones to create the shadows.


Then I did the thing that I am oh so very addicted to:
(I outlined every little stroke I made with sharpie!)


And I cut them out.
I had so much fun playing with these poses!



faerwillow said...

~your painting are always so intriguing...the lines you use and colors...the swirl my imagination...lovely...brightest blessings~

crazy painter said...

Your figures are awesome! You should try doing some life size

crazy painter said...

I love seeing your work and reading your blog. I also love you and I am very proud of you... Mom

Patrick said...

sweet.. looks neat, nice pictures

Patrick said...

I like the life size figures idea, you could do an awesome installation... somewhere..

you could make them on masonite, and cut them out with my jigsaw, or i could cut them out for you if you traced the outline.

Kaili said...

SO nice! I adore these!

Anonymous said...

I just love love love color, and it appear you do too! I think your art is vibrant and original. Very well done blog too. I love how you pictured the paints along with your projects.

Jardino said...

So creative to cut them out and make a still life with them and your paints... Too beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eliza, I enjoyed looking at your inspiration board and then looking at some of your newer posts. Wow! You have been busy! These figures are wonderful and you photographed them so well. Your sharpie technique really emphasizes the poses. It is a pleasure to witness your creativity. Thank you.


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