Monday, March 8, 2010

A Two Week Break from Creativity Meditation Monday


Due to some busy craziness: a beautiful sunshine day with my brother visiting (that I could simply not pass up to be inside at the computer), writing papers for graduate school, teaching and getting ready for teacher training (and then being at the teacher training)....I don't have a Creativity Meditation Podcast for this week or next, but I will be back with Creativity Meditation Podcasts in two weeks! 
Until then, I will be pondering this: 
"how to seek what is simple: Look for the basic truth in every situation" 
I'm not exactly sure where I found this quote, but I think that when everything ramps up and gets really busy,
sometimes the best thing I can do is to remember to seek what is simple, look for what's really true for me right now and continue to work on being my most authentic self (even if that means I have to let a few things go temporarily).


1 comment:

faerwillow said...

"Look for the basic truth in every situation"

these are wonderful words fo rus to all try and live by...thank you for sharing...brightest blessings~


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