Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fine Day

It's a fine day and I feel like sharing!

"Abundance Mandala" available here

First off, I have the above new print up in the etsy shop!

Also I have a new website! It's a work in progress, but I had fun putting it together and am excited about continuing to tweak it over time. I built it over at Wix.com (which is a pretty cool site that you can build really professional looking site with no professional skills needed!)
My new website is (drum roll...)
I'd love to know what you think! Is it colorful enough? Clean enough? Easy enough to navigate?
Do any of you out there have a new website that you want to share?
I am starting a spring cleanse next week! Ayurevdic practitioner and Anusara yoga teacher Cate Stillman of Yoga Healer is hosting this Spring Cleanse Teleconference cleanse.
The cleanse can be done from anywhere and there is a great online forum to participate in to help support the cleansing process. I am pretty sure there is room left if any one is interested in joining in!
I am hoping to find some time later today to sit down and write my intentions for the cleanse, but I think they are going to be about clearing emotional and physical space in my mind and body for healthy and happy changes to sprout.
I am ready to lighten up and re-energize!
Speaking of light and energizing, I recommend checking out this blog:
Janine's nature-inspired images are stunning and meditative. I find that visiting her spot in cyber space is a perfect way to remember the vibrancy of our universe!



lilasvb said...

nice to stop on your blog, i love this mandala

Kristen said...

I love your new site! Love the design and how it links to your shop and blog and the image gallery is great, too! Nice work!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Yes, it is a fine day perhaps BECAUSE you are sharing! Love it!!

Amber said...

The mandala is beautiful, something very fertile about it. Abundance is a great name. Your new site is great! I like the portfolio page in particular. What a lovely time of year for a cleanse. I always do a physical spring cleaning but have never what you are talking about. I wish I could sign up but my spending is completely on hold until I start making money from my art again. Looking forward to having Paypal again to play with.

Hybrid J said...

Can tell the mandala is full of energy. Well Done! Also had a quick look at your website. Very neat. ;)

Wini said...

Hi Eliza, your new mandala looks beautiful and your new site is great! Very clean and easy to navigate. Best wishes on your course. It sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing the lovely Jardino blog too! :)

linda said...

Beautiful artwork, love the textures and colors!

Anonymous said...

your new site is great! :)

gina said...

Just stopped by to have a peek--the mandala is lovely. And your new site looks terrific. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Sanelli Hammack said...

Hi Eliza. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I noticed you in the class right away because we use similar names for our art business. Mine means "art heals" in Spanish. I also saw that you are doing Creativity Meditation Monday. That really reminds me of my Monday Inspirations (blog feature) and the automatic drawings I am doing. Lots of connections. Love your art!!

Jardino said...

Inspiration is a two way thing... so thank YOU, Eliza, for inspiring me! Keep your heartfelt beauty up, your new look is working wonders;) xx

aimee said...

this is incredible!!

spotted dog farm said...

your site looks wonderful, very professional and super fun!


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