Wednesday, April 7, 2010



My tomato sprouts have popped up! This year, my husband and I are trying to grow our very own tomato plants. We started them from seeds and now they are springing their green shoots skywards! I'm so excited for ripe tomatoes!

The other thing sprouting over here at Art Asana is the very green beginnings of writing a proposal for my graduate thesis...I am feeling a little more daunted by this kind of sprout.
It's funny how a topic that I've been reading about and writing about for almost two years now can seem so elusive when I have to pin it down into one short sentence.
I've been going back through all my work from semester's past, splashing through papers to pull out patterns, themes and threads that might help lead me to a conclusive statement
about what it is I am actually studying.
I picked up on a few things:
yoga, creativity, visual arts, creative writing, a narrative about journey, path and process, metaphors of mountains, oceans, trees, roots, and
oh yeah,
There is something circular about looking back on the past to come up with a statement in the present that summarizes all of what I've done. It has to be conclusive enough to close the circle, yet open-ended enough to keep the momentum of circulation going. Which brings me to another recurring aspect of my graduate work: making mandalas.
So, somehow by next week, I have to put all my ideas together and come up with a proposal for what it is my thesis paper and project will look like.
I think I might start with a circle. Write "Yoga and Creativity" in it and then write down all the other ideas that come sprouting out of it.

Do any of you have any tools you use for brainstorming ideas?



Leaves and Feathers said...

I love seeing your sprouts here. We garden every year and we have a whole bunch of sprouts of our own that are almost out growing their mini containers...I always wait until the last possible moment to put then outside. Looking forward to seeing your ripe tomatoes in a few months!

gina said...

Isn't it great to watch the plants sprout--I always grew sunflowers with my students because they seemed to grow right before our eyes.

As for brainstorming,one creative blogger (wish I could remember who) suggested dancing to music as we think about writing and jot down ideas as we dance.

jacqueline said...

Those are very lovely tomato sprouts! Reminds me of my dad's little garden. :) Looks like you have a lot going on ~ yoga and creativity go really well together. :)My tools for brainstorming ideas would be my pencil and journal. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

janene said...

New (ish) reader here, and i'm actually about to orally defend my own thesis proposal next week. it sounds like you have a good grasp of what you're doing which is the hardest part. i ran around in circles for about a year before figuring out, only to realize i still didn't have it figured out, haha! i had to bounce ideas off of others to see what stuck. just take your time and let it flow... it will eventually, trust me!

love & light,


aimee said...

i think your line - or circle - of reasoning is just perfect for your thesis statement. i love the words and themes you're considering; they are very congruent with your work and words.

for me brainstorming nearly always comes when i'm not trying to brainstorm or do anything specifically creative - driving or walking, as long as i'm alone and uninterrupted, usually sets off the flow.


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