Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grumpy pants and a 91-year-old yoga Instructor

(My dog Tulsi with her grumpy pants on because she'd rather be outside too)

I have my grumpy pants on today. I think in combination of it being a BEAUTIFUL spring day and having to be INSIDE finishing up some homework and being on day Three of this Spring Cleanse. I am feeling luke warm about spring cleansing. About as luke warm as the lemon water I'm drinking every morning of it. Here's the reality: I really LOVE coffee and carbohydrates. Without them, I feel kind of...empty? Really...I do feel an attachment to these kind of foods that goes beyond being calorically satiated. I originally was just going to do a fruits and veggies cleanse, but by the end of day one of that, I was feeling so crappy, so tired and so cranky that I was ready to call it quits on the cleanse all together. (And oh so often I feel like quiting when the going gets tough!?...what is that saying, when the going gets tough, the tough get going? Maybe I am not so very tough then.) But I have decided not to quit, instead, at the suggestion of my loving partner, I have decided to just modify the cleanse. So, now with proteins (from beans and lentils) and carbohydrates (from whole grains like brown rice and quinoa), I'm a much happier cleansing camper. And while, may not be cleansing fully, I have adapted the process to a whole foods diet to meet my needs and haven't given in to the cravings of coffee.....yet.

Then just before I sat down to write this post, I came across a link at the blog Yoga with John,
that played a CNNmoney video about a 91-year-old yoga instructor (link will lead you to the video).
Yes. And she is a tango dancer and wrote screenplays for a bunch of Films in India.
and she said, (and today, I feel like this was a message I needed to hear):

"You can't help other people if your negative or afraid. Never be afraid."
Amen, sister!
so with that, I'm leaving the grumpy pants behind, putting down my yoga homework and am going to go sit outside and make some long overdue time for my art.



Anonymous said...

I feel that way with sugar. It is really hard for me to fast from sugar during lent (and I'll tell you a secret, I didn't do well with the fast this year, because I went to a conference and all they had to drink was soda... and once you break it, its all down hill...)
I admire your strength and perseverance during your cleanse

Lis said...

you have me laughing with the grumpy pants and picturing both you and your pooch wearing them!

your approach to modify the cleanse seems very right ... do you study ayurveda? Because in that system, they do not recommend such extreme types of cleanses that many people do here. every year an ayurvedic physician visits here and he holds workshops and private consultations. one time he described the appropriate cleanses for each dosha and i had to laugh because he explained vata needed to have rice, legumes, teas, soups ... it was not the typical fasting cleanse for sure! :) Unless you have a primarily kapha constitution, most cleanses would be considered too harsh according to ayurveda.

that said, i did a mini semi raw "cleanse" and the person leading it gave a nice perspective on some of the less pleasant aspects of it ... to recognize when stuff is coming up (grumpy, tired, achy) as your body is working hard to get rid of the toxins and how you feel is an indication that the cleanse is working, and to be tender with yourself because a lot is going on.

whatever you do will be perfect for you. Good luck and get your grumpy tails to the beach for some fresh ocean air!

EricaG said...

I understand grumpy pants, for sure! Today, however, I'm feeling great. Hope you are too!

aimee said...

we all deserve the right to wear grumpy pants once in a while! i salute you for giving up coffee. i did it during my pregnancies (for part of the time, anyway) and believe me, you never met a grumpier grumpy pants!

jacqueline said...

Hehe you had me laughing too with the grumpy pants and that photo! WOW it's wonderful that you haven't given in to the cravings of coffee! Im not sure if i could do that just yet. :) Wishing you a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Anonymous said...

little dude, I miss you. Where are your posts?


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