Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big Heart, Full.


Hello! I have been missing for a while. My dad made the suggestion to me that I let my blog readers know when I'm not going to be in for a bit...I am not sure why this never occured to me before, but its a good idea. So next time I'm going to be away from blog land, I will say so. Sound good? Ok. good. well do you want to know where I've been? I will tell you. 

I was finishing up the last part of the yoga teacher training in western MA with the amazing Todd Norian and Ann Greene of deep peace yoga. and I am smitten! I am in love with the practice of Anusara, with the thrill and delight of teaching and the support of a powerfully bright, open-hearted community. And I feel so full to the brim with light from the experience. I feel my heart has grown bigger and wider and fuller. I feel expanded. I am less of who I was and more of who I am meant to be:
Big Heart,


As a community we exchanged letters and following letter was written to me:

"Dear Eliza, your kula loves you. We admire your extreme creativity thats given you such a unique perception of the world. You have a very artistic and interesting creative fire. And we all see it spark frequently in all aspects of your being. You inspire us with your youthful but quiet wisdom that is so lovely and refreshing. Thanks for being such a bright, shining face among us. With love, your kula"

I feel so grateful to have part of this group, so grateful to all the individuals who helped remind me of who I really am by opening their own hearts. I want to keep living in a world where this much love and support is offered to every individual within it. 

At the end of our week together, Todd said to us, "Now is the time to open your hearts. don't wait any longer, life is too short."



Lis said...

Okay - WOW! So guess who was the director of my teacher training program? Yup, Ann! And Todd taught a few classes during the course of the month (this was at Kripalu; I think my group was the last one Ann directed.)

What a small world. If you have contact with her, please let her know Lisa Hofmann from YTT2000 is soooo grateful to have had her initiate me upon this path. She is one of my yoga inspirations ♥

And now, heart wide open ... welcome home!

Colleen said...

I agree with your dad! I check my "blogroll" everyday weekday when I login at work, and its sad when someone is MIA for a while with no apparent reason ;)

dancingyogini said...

Eliza -- finally making it here to your blog and breezing through. your works are beautiful! your words are beautiful! and thanks for sharing your letter. i think i'm going to put todd's words on my wall or in my puja or something. it can be so challenging to remember to stay in the heart not the head!
i'm so glad you blog! let's keep checking in!
and as promised my (sorry) blogs. they've been SADLY neglected as of late... you can see baby life at
and read yoga life at
maybe soon a re-do on that second one.. we'll see

much love to you!
Sarah Fischer


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