Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Animating sources of numinous energy


I'm in the studio making mandalas again. They put me into a quiet, wordless state, despite all that seems to be going on in them.


According to Judith Cornell's book Mandala, "a mandala, the sanskrit word for 'circle,' is a concrete symbol of its creator's absorbtion into a sacred center. In it's most elevated for, the sacred circle mirrors an illumined state of consciousness through a symbolic pattern---making the invisible, visible. It is meant to draw both creator and viewer into an encounter with animating sources of numinous energy."
Wow. that is cool.
No wonder I can't stop making them.


I put up the original of the "Joy Mandala" up in the etsy shop today and I'll put the new mandala (above in the blue and orange) in the shop tomorrow!

Here's some exciting news:

I am going to be sending out my very first monthly newsletter soon!
Inspired by the "Flying Lessons" e-course I'm taking over with Kelly Rae Roberts (which has left me overflowing with ideas/inspiration, I must say) I'm going to send out my very first newsletter this month. I have some plans for chocking it full of creative inspiration, yogic philosophy, a yoga sequence of the month, sneak peeks at new artwork and news and updates about the Art Asana shop!

Click here to join in on the experimental fun!
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Looking forward to sending you all kinds of love and light!

om shanti



aimee said...

they look both meditative and energizing at the same time - just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

hey, did you get my email? Are you busy this Sat?

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

hi Eliza !
I found your reply from 'the comments storm' of Flying lesson =)
Your blog is very cool and beautiful !! I subscribed to your newsletter and following your blog now !
Wish you a much success and creative journey !



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