Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Random Things: Long Post


"Bindu" Print of Mixed Media Original Painting

 I've been a little quiet here this week because 
I was offered an opportunity and I've been working on deciding if it's something I want or not. 
I'm one of those people who needs to have lots going on all the time (otherwise I get bored and depressed), but I am also a person who needs downtime and a solid routine (that includes lots of sleep and healthy habits) and can run myself ragged if I am not careful. So I have to think very carefully about adding more work to an already
 significant pile..
As the week wore on, I kept coming back to the idea of really listening to my heart.
What was it really guiding me to do with this situation?
And sure enough, it gave me a very clear answer. 
When I got right down to the very center of myself, I knew the answer, 
even if to the outside it might not have seemed like the logical one.
And, as soon as I came to my conclusion, several wonderful things happened,

to let me know that I am doing the right thing.

How do you know when you are doing the right thing? What happens to you when you know you are following your heart?


So it is Friday 
and I want to share Five Random things, 
which lately seem to be all about links, so here it goes!

1. The Joy of Yoga Blog
 Emma, of The Joy of  Yoga wrote a beautiful post on Monday about my artwork (thank you again, Emma)! I was so honored! She is a yoga teacher and has lots of inspiring stuff on her blog, including daily yoga sequences, which is fabulous. 

2. The Devil Wears Prana
This is another yoga blog I've started following recently. On saturday, she posted this parody of spirituality/buddhism video which in part said " I'm all crunked up on Kumbucha juice", because right at the moment as I watched it, I was in fact drinking kumbucha juice (for the first time). It was a good reminder to not always take myself so seriously and that Life is good. Life is fun. 

3.Thank you for everyone who has signed up for the Art Asana Newsletter! I am planning on sending it out at the beginning of next week (and around the middle of the month in coming months). The link is on the side bar if you would like to be included in receiving the newsletter!

4. I will be working on a new blog roll page and want to include the blogs of you all, the wonderful people who come to this blog space! I would like to include your blogs, so please leave them in the comments and let me know which category you would most like to fall under (Yoga, Art and Creativity, Inspiration, or Fun and Friends). 

I mentioned a week ago about posting in the 1,000 Hours of Yoga Project blog and I finally did! The countdown has begun! 

Have a Wonderful, Fabulous, and Terrific weekend!

{om shanti, peace}



Kat said...

I'm glad you are following your heart Eliza! It is amazing what happens when we make decisions true to ourselves and not others expectations. I've enjoyed all of your art since finding you in Creative Every Day and now I've seen you over in Flying Lessons, nice to see you in these places.

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

hello fellow flyer! I would love to be in your blog roll under "art and creativity"
I am signing up for your newsletter right now-well done! Mine is still a work in progress

dancingyogini said...

I love that video -- 'I nailed the 45 min meditation in 10!' Classic! thanks for the link.
i'd love to be on your blog link list under Yoga (i think... i mean YES) and i'm off to sign up for your newsletter momentarily.
thanks for helping me keep inspired.

Lis said...

Oooo ... so exciting to see things unfolding and blossoming over here ... and now a newsletter!

I can totally relate to the need to have many projects going and also a sense of solid grounding, structure and routine (you must be like me, a balance between Vata and Pitta!) I keep going back to the sense it all should feel "easy." Challenging, exciting, but ultimately I should feel like I am flowing to the next spot on my journey and not struggling to force myself to find into something else. It is hard; is it intuition telling me "no" or fear?

so what did you decide?

(I would be honored to be in your blog roll ... not sure where? Creativity I guess since it sounds like Yoga is filling up!)

Eco Yogini said...

I found you through Jamie's "On the Mat" blog! WOW what beautiful art and prose.

I'm glad you found your heart as well. I'm still working on sifting through the mental junk and getting to the "why" of things.

Grace said...

My site:
I'd love to be included in your blogroll under YOGA!
Hope to see you soon on the Front Porch!


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