Monday, June 28, 2010

Stopping to smell the flowers

{stopping to smell the flowers....hydrangeas are in full bloom right now!}

Over the weekend, I stopped to to smell the flowers with friends from college.
We caught up and talked and laughed and enjoyed all the loveliness Cape Cod has to offer in the summer time (i.e...beaches!).
It was wonderful to hang out with these four wonderful women and get a glimpse into all the amazing things they are doing with their lives.
I feel rejuvenated and revived from the splash of beauty and love that was this weekend.

Tonight, I'm getting ready to go on an another adventure:
my honeymoon!

{ready for the beach!}

Last August, my husband and I were married on a beautiful, sunny day.
We decided to wait a while to go on our honeymoon and now, almost a year later,
we are headed out.
I've got my flip-flops, sunscreen and sunglasses packed
and I'm ready to go!

Hawaii here we come!

While I'm hoping to pop in to post some pictures while we are there,
my stopping in to say hello will probably lessen over the next week, as I'm going to step away from the computer and spend
lots of quality time with the love of my life
(the hope is to do some hiking, snorkeling, swimming, checking out of some waterfalls, and making romantic dinners from farmer's markets finds and fresh fish)
I am so excited to step away from our normal lives for a few days and take some time to reflect on our first few months of being together as a married couple
and to dream BIG about our future together!

{me testing out my sunnies}

With that, I have a few Shop Updates:
My work will be in this month's papernstitch exhibit for the first time! I'm so excited!

I will be keeping my shop open and be checking in on it periodically while I am away, however, anything purchased between June 29th-July 10th will be shipped on
Monday, July 12th.

Take care, all! 

om shanti (peace)



Y is for Yogini said...

How cute! You guys look like you're having so much fun. And I love hydrangeas — like big blue snowballs! :)

Jodi said...

Have a wonderful honeymoon! Congratulations and I hope you both enjoy every moment of your time together.

Anonymous said...

Have a great honeymoon!! Relax and enjoy yourselves. : )

Wini said...

Dear Eliza, What a fun photo of your friends and its so great to hear that you had such a fabulous get together. Belated congrats on your wedding, and hope you have a wonderful honeymoon to Hawaii!! :))

Kerri said...

i have some hydrangeas and love them! but gosh, that's a BUNCH. do they smell? i don't think i realized...

Ravynword said...

Congratulations! Have a safe but adventurous honeymoon! I love your blog--I am a new follower. Take time to be in the present moment! Enjoy!

Suzanne said...

Hydrangeas -- that's something we don't get here in Florida. Those are beautiful.

Jardino said...

Sounds exciting - can I come?? Just kidding... have a wonderful, romantic, soul inspiring time together! Wow, looking forward to seeing photos of your adventures ;-)

Leaves and Feathers said...

Oooh! Have a wonderful Honey moon!!! We love Hawaii and have been to Kauai a bunch of times, including for our honeymoon 8 years ago! I can't wait to hear about you trip when you return! Please share lots of photos, I just love being transported back there!

Lis said...

Looking forward to hearing all about your honeymoon - how wonderful, to go from the beaches of Cape Cod to Hawaii?! Sigh ... I look out upon wet, soggy prairieland ...

I've always loved the hydrangeas on the Cape. I miss the garden my parents had at their home in S. Orleans. Counting the weeks until our beach vacation.

Hope you are enjoying every minute of your trip!

Namasté - Lis

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

I hope you had the most lovely time my friend...

Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

Thanks everyone for such nice honeymoon wishes! We had a wonderful time!
Kerri, the hydrangeas are slightly fragrant, but I don't think its a real memorable smell (at least I can't really recall a particular fragrance)...and they are in bunches like that everywhere on Cape Cod! Huge bushes of hydrangeas everywhere! and they bloom for a while!


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