Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Walk to the Beach


I totally get why people come to Cape Cod. It is pretty magical down here in the summertime.
It's been very warm these last few weeks and I have been so
thankful about my proximity to the water.
It's just a short walk away!


Another wonderful thing about Cape Cod is that my friends and family really enjoy coming down to visit myself and my husband.
This past weekend, my parents were visiting and we enjoyed beautiful weather,
beach roses,
and soaking up the waves and sun of
coastal New England.


This weekend, I am getting together with three friends from college.
It's been way too long since I've really seen and hung out with them
and I am excited to spend time with these lovely ladies!


Next weekend, I'll be off to new beaches on a different adventure,
but I'll let you know more about that on Monday...
For now,
How are you going to spend your weekend? Who are you spending quality time with?


I'll see you back here on Monday,
Have a wonderful weekend!

{me with crazy wind hair....and a crazy wind and wave loving smile!}
om shanti (peace)


1 comment:

EricaG said...

A beautiful post. I absolutely crave the ocean! Haven't been to the coast in years :(


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