Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've been busy this week working on daily paintings!
As I mentioned in other posts recently,
my work seems to be slipping in a new direction
and I'm kind of excited about it!
I am also wondering where it is leading me too...
There is something about trying to finish a painting (or other piece of artwork, like a drawing) every day
that has really got my brain rolling around to new places.
It's challenging me to work faster and
therefore make more spontaneous decisions,
which is a lot of fun.
It's challenging me to find that place in the middle between planning things out and having things happen by surprise.

Here are a couple of pieces part of this daily series,
I've decided to put both the originals as well as prints of these two in the Art Asana Shop!

8x8 Original and Print 
are up in the Art Asana Shop!

This piece started with a sketch of the woman in the painting.
 To me, she's standing there as if wondering where her life is going to take her next. 


"Over Her Shoulder"
10x8 Original and Print
available in the Art Asana Shop!

"She glanced over her shoulder one last time before stepping out into the unknown,"
I wrote this next to the sketch I started with of the woman in this painting.

For my next few pieces,
I'm going to try and remember to take pictures of my process to
share with you!

Asana of the Day: Uttanasana (standing forward fold)
Yogic insight: I can find the place between planning everything out, staying steady, stable
and letting go, flowing freely with spontaneity!



Ravynword said...

Eliza, I am so excited to see what unfolds for you! Your drawings and yogic insights are amazing! Go with the flow!

Liberty said...

I've been following you by RSS and I think it's wonderful how you are exploring your creative side, spreading out into new areas.
I love the vibrancy of your work (play? :)


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