Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playing in the Studio!

I am sensing this need to stretch my creative wings lately and am thinking about trying out some
 new techniques.
You know, just to shake things up a  bit.
My current process is very
I painstakingly trace every little line
and then spend hours making tiny little cuts to take away the white space.
It is meditative and quiet, for sure
and I like that.
But do I love it?
I want
to LOVE it.

This week, I finished this painting (started last week and inspired by a photo taken in Hawaii)


"Pink Blossoms" Print of Mixed Media Original
(now available in my etsy shop)

then played around with palm tree inspirations,

and waves,

and then just to play,
I created this yoga illustration,


I had so much fun creating this last illustration!
What do you think?
(notice something you may have seen before? clue: check out the shirt!)
 I have a feeling there may be more of these coming...

I'm thinking there are endless ways to give life to creativity.

Maybe I'm just still searching for an art form that I really, truly, devotionally love. 

I've been on the swirly stuff for awhile,
the splash paint around in a circle
trace it, 
cut it out
and paste it
kind of swirly stuff.

Am I ready for something new?
Are you?



Anonymous said...

I love them all! Especially that top one. Makes it hard to decide if it's an illustration or a photo!

Kat said...

I love the new things that you are trying! I think our art continually develops over time... one thing blending into the next so that you can't always see the progression until you look back. But always progressing, trying something new!

Lis said...

I find it interesting to learn more about your technique especially as your finished piece online look so expressive, fluid and gestural and then to read about the painstaking approach of meticulously cutting away the white ...

I find my creativity definitely goes through cycles, although those cycles move quickly! I am jumping between small, quiet, introvert work in my art journals (I too signed up for the Sketchbook Project!) and then painting BIG in Connie Hozvicka's class which is more extroverted and active. I am trying to simply enjoy this lovely phase of experimental play!

xo Lis

JodiB said...

I just love all your stuff, but your newest "play" is awesome! I, too like things that connect poses, shapes and motivational or thought-provoking words. I think a series like your most recent experiment would be a very interesting collection - and a great theme!

gina said...

What fun to try some new techniques--I like all your images, especially pink blossoms. The yoga illustration is fun and so happy! I know I've felt I was in a rut and have tried doing water colors and pastels. It's very different from my digital art but very satisfying, even if I don't particularly like the results.


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