Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspired By...

Inspired by illustrator

(photo of Yoga Journal Issue 208, February 2008, Illustration by Annick Poirier)

I was looking through old issues of  Yoga Journal, when I came across the illustrations of Annick Poirier.
 I have been receiving Yoga Journal since the summer of 2004 (the first summer I started doing yoga). I love looking back though these older issues for inspiration for my yoga practice. They have also become a great resource to me as a new yoga teacher. As I was thumbing through some issues yesterday, I came across an article called
and was inspired not only by the article itself and it's "ten ideas for reconnecting to your source of happiness" but also by the illustrations that went along with the article. 

(photo of Yoga Journal Issue 208, February 2008, Illustration by Annick Poirier)

I remembered seeing them the first time and just being drawn in by Poirier's beautiful and serene illustrations. A quick google search helped me to find her website, 
where I looked through the rest of her portfolio.

(photo of Yoga Journal Issue 208, February 2008, Illustration by Annick Poirier)

I love how she combines soft, realistic drawings of people digitally with swirling colors and designs. 
I have been interested recently in work that combines digital and traditional mediums and have even been playing around with it a bit myself.
Perhaps we could add,
"get your creative play on"
to the Yoga Journal's list of 10 things to get in touch with your source of happiness.


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