Wednesday, September 1, 2010

National Yoga Month

 Free Yoga Classes and Event during National Yoga Month 09.2010. Be inspired by TITANS OF YOGA DVD

September is National Yoga month!
 National Yoga Month has been created to help educate people about the benefits of yoga. 
And how cool is this,
studios all over the country are participating in a free week of yoga for new students!
 So if you've never done yoga before, you can go over to, find out which studios in your area are participating and and then print off a free yoga week pass!
The website also includes several articles/information about the benefits of yoga. Some of the ones they list are:
~Lower Blood Pressure
~ Decreased Stress
~Greater flexibility
~Enhanced brain function
~Lower cholesterol
~Better skeletal alignment
~Strengthened bones/joints
~Improved respiration
~Weight Loss
~Enhanced circulation
~Easier transition through menopause
~Deeper peace of mind

Reading about all the physical and emotional benefits of yoga, got me thinking about the ways that I have benefited from the practice of yoga.
 I don't think I know the larger impact yoga has made on my life,
but I do know that the little changes it has created in me
have increased my health and wellbeing.

In my experience,
yoga has:

1. Increased my confidence
I am by nature, a quiet, inward and reserved person. In my life that tendency has caused me to slip into being insecure, shy and makes it uncomfortable for me to speak up and be myself with people I don't know very well. 
Yoga has helped to teach me that not only do I have a voice, but it is a worthwhile one. It has taught me that, as Marianne Williamson puts it, the world does not benefit from my being small. 
In situations where I feel uncomfortable and insecure, I have learned to deepen my breath, draw my shoulders back, stand steadily on my two feet and move into the situation with more conviction of who I am, with and courage and an open heart.

2. Helped me to feel more comfortable in my body
When I am practicing yoga on a regular basis, I feel stronger, healthier, and I move around with more ease. Physically when I've been practicing yoga regularly, my shoulders and neck don't get as tight (which they do when I'm not practicing and spending a lot of time at the computer or in the car), my knees don't hurt (which they used to from my many years as a soccer player and skier), my back and spine feel strong, yet supple and I don't get as sick as often.  

3. Connected me to wonderful people/Given me a sense of community
I have been inspired by so many incredible teachers, as well as other students, and now (as a teacher),
by my own students to open my heart more fully. 
I am getting better at embracing others for who they and looking for the good in people.
  I am becoming more aware of my connection to something greater than myself and that awareness makes me feel more connected to those I come into contact with. I find it a little easier to extend compassion and receive the gift of compassion from others. 

4. Taught me how to cultivate a deeper sense of trust
I have learned (and continue to learn) to trust in myself and trust others. I've learned to trust that everything presented to me in this life is here to teach me something and shape me. 

5. Increased my capacity for creativity
When I feel good in my body and my mind is at ease, I find I have so much more energy to play with ideas and engage with the creative process. I have the zeal and excitement to paint, to sing out loud, to write and dance. I can express myself more freely and I have more fun. 

And for all these reasons, 
I will continue to practice yoga 
and remind myself of them
on those days where I don't feel like it.

So with that, Happy National Yoga Month!

P.S.... I'm going to post cool yoga links/info I find over on my facebook/twitter page this month, so feel free to come join in over there!



Victoria Klein said...

Ahoy! This is Victoria Klein & I wanted to personally thank you for the comment you left on my guest post at :)

Katrin said...

Thanks for reminding me of the benefits of practising yoga. x

gina said...

I've been practicing yoga for over five years, and everything you say resonates with me. The best part is the wonderful yoga community that's developed. I didn't know it was yoga month--will have to celebrate on and off the mat.


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