Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Root Chakra, Reds and Getting Grounded


{colors of red in the studio}

I've been in the studio today working on some new pieces inspired by the root chakra, Muladhara.
After starting to read a book about the Chakra system (energy centers in the body) called
 Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith,
I was inspired to work with the different chakras in both my yoga and art practices.
For me, it's a way to explore and better understand each chakra in an experiential way.

The root chakra has to do with our sense of security, stability and safety. When this chakra is operating properly, we feel grounded and have a strong sense of who we are in the world.
It is associated with the element of earth (see this post for a root chakra activity I worked with a week and a half ago) and the color red.
So, in the last few painting sessions I've done, I've steeped my brushes in deep reds, light reds, crimsons, coppers and plums.
The colors of fall.
The colors of digging deep into the earth,
making me feel more rooted, more present,
more free and clear.

{root chakra art inspirations on my studio table}

I've learned that Hatha yoga helps to open the root chakra.
Movement of all kinds activate our sense of stability and connection to our source,
and especially movement that brings awareness to the feet and legs.

So, in my yoga practice over the last two weeks, I've been incorporating more toe yoga (toga?). I've been periodically standing on a tennis ball and rolling it around under the sole of my foot to loosen all the muscles on the botttom of my feet (definitely try this, it feels amazing!). Another thing I've been doing is
 placing my fingers between each toe and making circles with them to open up my toes.

After doing these excersises, I stand up tall and observe my sense of groundedness.
Also, practicing standing poses like warrior poses and ardha chandrasana can help energize the root chakra.

{me, getting grounded in ardha chandrasana}

I have to say that these activities have been helping me to feel more grounded and given me an increased sense of belonging.

Do you feel grounded in who you are right now?

If so, what do you do to get grounded?
If not, what in your life is making you feel ungrounded, insecure, or unstable? What do you need to do to get more grounded?



Jardino said...

Such wonderful rooting thoughts here - I need to meditate on them + your questions. Would love to see that finished root chakra painting by the way... have a lovely week!

Erica G. said...

Another lovely post, Eliza. You always give me good things to think about. At the moment, I'm feeling anything but grounded. We are adjusting to a new school/work schedule, a new sleeping situation, and I took on a new part-time job working from home (still wondering why!!). When I'm frazzled and unstable, I have to come back to God's big beautiful Earth...with my physical body and my spirit. I have to take in some of the Living Water and Bread of Life known as Jesus. That does it for me. And I better get busy on that now 'cause I'm so "ungrounded" right now that I'm about to float away. Ha Ha!


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