Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unplanned Road Trip


Perhaps you have noticed that I have gone missing these past few days...disappeared from blogging, facebooking and tweeting. I was on a short, online media hiatus. Why, you might be wondering?

Well, on Wednesday of last week, I made a quick decision to accompany my brother on his move west. Over these past few days, I've been in a car, driving across the country with him. I was his wing sister from Cape Cod to Colorado.

I flew home last night.

We saw a lot of country: flat prairies, wind farms, funny billboards and that oh-so sweet first glimpse of the snow capped rockies.

Today, happy and exhausted, I'm playing catch up and am in dire need of a good long yoga practice.

After all that sitting, some hip opening poses are just what I need!


Prajjwal said...

Are we going to see more pictures from this trip?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I second that! :) Sounds like fun!

JodiB said...

Looks absolutely yummy and a like it was a very comforting way to spend a post-sick week!


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