Thursday, November 4, 2010

Road Trip Pictures

Readers, Prajjwal and Americanepali, asked to see more pictures from the spontaneous road trip that I took with my brother last weekend. So here they are! 

I was amazed at how many wind turbines and wind farms we saw! It seemed like many more than the last time I drove out there (four years ago). I love their sculptural effect on the landscape and what to me seems like a symbol of positive, clean, green change. 

Once you leave Pennsylvania, the sky gets so big and wide and beautiful. We were usually up and on the road before sunrise and it was an incredible treat to get to witness the sun beginning to fill up all of that sky.


It was amazing to me how as soon as we crossed over a state line, the scenery changed, even if it was only from cornfield flat to grassland flat. As soon as we reached Colorado, we both felt a sense of excited anticipation, even though we didn't see the mountains for a few hours in. 

We arrived in beautiful Fort Collins and stayed with our cousin. She brought us up to Horsetooth reservoir and we went for a much needed walk along the "Bobcat trail". Fall had met the Rockies with crisp, golden yellows and the fields and aspen trees were all decked out in it.

On Halloween night, we carved pumpkins and set them out on my cousin's deck to welcome trick-o-treaters! It was fun to see the kids all dressed up in their costumes and to eat candy corn until my belly ached.

I really enjoyed spending that time with my brother, sharing laughter and exhaustion in turn, experiencing the big space of country I feel grateful to be a part of, and celebrating Halloween with my cousin. Saying "yes" to all of this experience was like saying "yes" to life, to spontaneity, to adventure, and to familial love and friendship. Thanks for inviting me along, Pat.


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YogaG33k said...

Gorgeous photos! Good for you to take such a spontaneous trip! Thanks for sharing the photos :)


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