Friday, April 30, 2010

An Eye on Asha



Asha is hope
is heart
is healing.
from the inside out
to where the spirit is leading me.
I root,
to plant,
to sprout,
to bloom,
I rise,
a seed,
a dream,
a vision:
I am the universe in disguise.

I know my heart, my asha, with the openness
of an eye
wild and blue and knowing
like vast, wide, sky.
Fierce, Strong, Brave, Love
I follow you.

A Friday poem? This is all that wants to come out today it seems, as I've attempted several times to write down my thoughts today trying to understand what the above mandala really means for me. Asha is a sanskrit word for "hope" and for some reason is the word that came to me when I drew this eye. Speaking of rooting and rising a vision, I've decided to commit myself to practice 1,000 hours of yoga with the intention of strengthening my connection to my heart. I don't have a time line, so it could take me years, but that's ok. I just needed to make the commitment with an intention. So I have! I've been trying to write about my relationship with "commitment" all week because its a concept that's surfacing in my life (like not committing to finishing projects I start or goals I set out to complete) and ironically enough, have not been able to commit to writing about it. Perhaps next week....Until then,

Have a wonderful weekend!!



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Msartist said...

I like your new web site you created! I followed your tweet there!
I am loving what you are creating~
All my best, Theresa


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