Monday, July 26, 2010



Hope you are having a wonderful Monday out there!
I have decided to start up something I've been meaning to do for a while:
create a painting or drawing or some piece of art
I have had this feeling lately of wanting to create things, 
but when I sit down to create, 
I find myself sitting face to face with
the fear 
that nothing will come out.
and that fear has driven me to avoid art-making time. 
as a way to face these emotions head on,
I am going to connect art making to my daily practice of yoga in a concrete way.

I'm dedicating the my daily yoga practice or perhaps even just one pose each day to 
opening myself to the flow of creativity.
Afterwards, I'll find my way to a canvas and
make art.
No matter what the outcome. 

Letting go of perfection,
and stepping into the flow of the creative process,
I am creating/painting/drawing one thing

I'll pop in with a once or twice a week update on how the exercise in art and asana is going and perhaps even put some of the artwork up in my etsy shop! 

Here it is for today:
"Lead from the Heart" 
(daily drawing)
Asana of the day: Reversed Warrior II
Yogic insight: When I lead with my heart, I am more courageous, confident and centered.



gina said...

Eliza, your drawing is terrific-- Such great colors and design! I like that you're incorporating yoga into your art, and finding a way to meld the two. Letting go of perfection and stepping into the creative process will lead to powerful creativity, I'm sure. Enjoy!

Kristen said...

Awwwwww - I so relate to this post! I have had to gently lead myself back to having creative time nightly. I had the same dilemmas you speak of and some nights I've just been plain exhausted (but how is it I am never too exhausted for TV or Facebook??? :))

I am reading the War of Art which is fantastic, and I saw something really cool - it was Elizabeth Gilbert on Ted Talks -
You may have seen it, but she talks about the Muse and how the artists job is to just show up, day after day after day, and hope that one of those days, the muse shows up, too. But you have to create a space for it consistently, and of course, there will be dry days when nothing much happens :)

Lately I have been hearing more and more about how many artists/writers/and creative types have to literally make themselves sit down and do something, day after day, even when they are not feeling it, to get to the good stuff.

Hooray, so glad you are starting resistance and fear in the face and getting creative! and this is a beautiful piece!!!!!


Beverley Baird said...

What a wonderful project/challenge you are undertaking.
Love your artwork and description of it!

Lis said...

Ah, my favorite pose - beautiful! I always think about how powerful I feel with my heart so wide open!

What a great practice ... I am getting up early and spending 30 minutes working in my art journal creating as a morning meditation. It is part of the BIG class I am taking and I love it! Although, I am bleary eyed and foggy-headed ... if only I could get up even earlier, do a little yoga and then paint! If I could just get to bed before 11!

I can't wait to see what you come up with ... some great ideas for ways to talk about the poses with my students! love it!

xo Lis

Regina said...

Your art is beautiful! I love that you are connecting your yoga practice with your art.


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