Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Notes and Brad Paisley

"Blue Notes Mandala" 6x6 Print 

It's a rainy day here on Cape Cod and I've spent my morning filling orders from the End of Summer Celebration Sale. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out the shop and to those of you who participated in the sale!

Sometimes rainy days make me feel super creative and energized. 
Sometimes they make me feel sleepy and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with my dog and a book. 
After a busy weekend which included attending Countryfest at Gillette stadium outside of Boston and seeing Brad Paisley in concert
 (along with a whole lot of other craziness that I wasn't as excited about), 
I am in the second category today.
It's an "I am in need of another weekend after my weekend" kind of Monday.

But it was fun to see Brad Paisley in concert.
He has so much energy in his music, lyrics and show
that it's hard not to smile, sing, dance and clap along.
And another reason I like him?

Not only can he play the guitar, 
the man's also a bit of a visual artist too!


Ahh, what can I say?
 I'm a fan!

Happy Monday!



jacqueline said...

Dearest Eliza, i miss visiting yo here! I have to make sure i drop by more often!! Your work is amazingly beautiful as always. I always enjoy rainy days especially when im home. Sometimes, they do make me feel super creative and energized. :) And other times i make me just wanna cozy up on my reading sofa with a book and a cup of coffee/tea! Have a lovely merry happy week lovely friend! Love to you!

EricaG said...

Oh, another Brad Paisley fan! I saw him in concert a few years ago. You are so right about his energy!

Hoping to get back into a blogging groove now that the school year is beginning.


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