Thursday, August 26, 2010

September Happenings!

Here in the Art Asana studio, I am gearing up for a busy September! 
I am going to be teaching yoga (including a kids yoga class), gearing up for my second to last semester of graduate study by pulling out and dusting off the thesis proposal that I started last spring (yikes!), I'm working on a new project (which I will unveil a little more of when I have more than just scribbly notes on paper) and I am planning two different workshops that I am going to be teaching in the New England area! 
{picture of my studio in the midst of a creative explosion}

The first workshop begins September 20th and runs out of the Falmouth Night School. 
Here's the class blurb:

Eliza Tobin - B.A in Fine Arts, Art Educator, Artist and Yoga Teacher.
Access your creativity through movement, meditation in motion, and mixed media painting. Open up your creative flow using meditative movement and then use that flow to explore mixed media painting techniques using collage, drawing tools, paints, fabrics, ink pads, and more. No art experience is necessary!"
Sounds fun, right! 
If you are in the area and want to join in, 
the class runs for three sessions 6:30-8:30 (Monday September 20th, Mon. Sept.27th, and Mon. October 4st) and is $69 not including supplies. If you are interested in joining in, you can contact the Falmouth Night School at


The other workshop is a yoga/painting workshop that I am co-teaching with my dad, Eric Tobin! I'm so excited to teach with him! 
Want to join us?

Here's the workshop blurb:
Landscape painter Eric Tobin and Yoga Teacher Eliza Tobin are coming together for the first time to offer a unique workshop experience!
Join us for as many days as you can, or come to all five days!
Tap into your creative flow through a gentle yoga session
And learn the ins and outs of landscape painting with oil on canvas.
If you are looking to learn painting techniques from a world-class painter, and open up more to your creative self through loving yoga movements and your breath and experiment with your creativity,
Then come join us for a
retreat into the world of art and yoga for one day, three days or all five days!

The workshop will include an hour long yoga class each morning,
demonstration of painting techniques, time to work on your own paintings with Eric and Eliza available to assist you and answer questions. There will be a morning session and an afternoon session with a lunch break in between!
Cost: 125$ per day or 550$ for 5 days
Location: Eric Tobin’s  Studio Johnson, VT
When: September Wednesday 22nd through September 26th 2010 8am-5pm

If you are interested in this workshop, you can email me at for more information or to register!

{"Om Shanti" digitally colored illustration}

In some way, the learning from teaching these courses is going to find it's way into my  thesis work (which is on yoga and the creative process), although how that is going to happen,
 I do not know yet!
So yes, lots of things are in the works, 
but busy is good!
I'm going to have try to stay
 high in the energy 
 to complete everything that needs completing
without burning out.
Any advice?
I do keep hearing one little word,
a whisper, a firm and gentle nudging from within:
"nourishment" says.
I will do my best to fit that in too! 


Oh and one more thing! 
I'm sending the Monthly Art Asana Newsletter out tomorrow,
so if you haven't subscribed and would like to, 
Each month I include inspiring quotes, a yoga sequence, a book recommendation, creativity tip, news from the Art Asana shop and a monthly Art Asana shop special! 



gina said...

Wow--you have a lot going on! If I loved closer, I would love to join you. Good luck with all your projects....yes, nourishment and time-out for you is important.

gina said...

Oops, I meant lived. Note to self: always edit before publishing.

Kristen said...

Congratulations on your workshops! And all the other great happenings!


Tim said...

Keep the ones you love close to you, if only in mind and spirit. It will bring you the energy you need.

dancingyogini said...

Awesome Eliza! i love the ideas for your workshops and that you are making them happen. And yes, nourishment is key, listening to your body, eating good empowering food.... and LOTS of back bends and Handstands. use the asana for all they offer. : ) best of luck!

Lis said...

Oh, I would be back on the Cape and in your class in a heartbeat! So excited for you - I know it will be wonderful. Be sure to get permission to post your students work here :)

And teaching kids yoga is so much fun AND very challenging. I once had to teach a ridiculous size and age range class to kids on a swim team waiting for use of the school pool. We had to meet in the hallway of the school! I finally had them doing handstands against the lockers, just to burn some of that crazy energy. The last session we met, we did a meditation ... the raisin meditation only using a hershey's chocolate kiss. They were so good! Not a word, just the silence and intense smell of chocolate as they let it melt (couldn't chew it) in their mouths.

Shakta Kaur Khalsa has a great program for kids yoga if you ever get a chance to take it. She also has a book - good for little kids yoga.

I love coming here and seeing you SOARING!

xo Lis


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