Monday, November 15, 2010

Teacher of the Month Questions


{me in urdhva daunurasana}

The Blossoming Lotus Yoga Studio (BLYS) where I've been teaching yoga is going to make me their "Teacher of the Month"! So today, I answered the following questions and I thought it would be fun to share my answers here on the blog too:

1) What is your favorite yoga pose?
I love the heart opening effects of backbending, especially in urdhva daunurasana, wheel pose. I used to get pain in my low back from deep backbending, but then I learned how to curl more from my upper back and root my tailbone down to lengthen my low back and this changed back bends for me dramatically! Now, I experience a pain-free, energizing and happy backbend that enlivens me from the inside out!

2) What is the primary style of yoga that you practice and teach?
I have been studying Anusara yoga for the past three years and did a teacher training in Anusara Yoga with Todd Norian and Ann Greene and am a registered Hatha yoga teacher! I love combining a flow of invigorating poses with an uplifting theme and a layering of alignment principles that have the ability to totally transform you. I include all of these elements in both my own practice and in the classes that I teach for an upbeat, inspiring and dynamic yoga.

3) What's the biggest challenge in your practice?
Sometimes, the biggest challenge I have in my practice is making it a priority. I always have a zillion reasons why I don’t have “time to practice”. I have to be very conscious of making time for it. It helps when I remind myself that making time for yoga actually makes everything else in my life easier. It helps me to be more productive, more creative, healthier and happier.

4) Why do you like teaching at BLYS?
I think community is really important. I have experienced first hand the powerful effects of being in a supportive community of people who embrace you for exactly who you are. I’d like to think that when we come together in a yoga class at BLYS, we are beginning to tap into that kind of experience. You just never know how your showing up might help someone else. I like teaching at BLYS because I like contributing to the creation of this kind of community right here in our town.


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