Thursday, November 11, 2010

Notes from a busy week

Wow! How did it get to be Thursday already!? 

Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 4.08.31 PM

One reasons I've been so quiet here on the blog these last few weeks (besides being gone for the spontaneous road trip and the ongoing work on my graduate thesis) is that I've been hard at work on a new Word Press website that I am creating with the help of Tara Gentile's Website Kickstart e-course! The above screen shot is the site in it's current state and I have some more tweaking to do until it's ready, but once it's done, I'll have a website/blog all-in-one! I have lots of exciting ideas and plans for the new space and will let you know when it's ready!

On the painting front, here are the other two paintings that I finished this week:


This one's called "Love Roots Us". There was something about the deep plums and rich pink layers that reminded me of being rooted in the expansiveness of love...I'm not sure why. One of the reasons I love creating these mandala pieces is that I never really know how they are going to come out and the final visceral feeling that they invoke in me is always a surprise. 

I am curious to know if the effect they have on you is similar to my experience or if you receive different kinds of feelings from the work...Also, I've wondered if my naming and explaining their effect on me as I create them changes the way a viewer engages with them....I'd love to know your thoughts!


This one is called "Elephant Power", inspired by the Elephant God, Ganesha. While I was in Colorado, I  purchased a little Ganesha statue that I have started bringing to my classes when I teach. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles from our path and the go to guy when starting out on a new project. I have been working on this here Art Asana project for almost a year now, but it still feels so new, so I think I'll keep Ganesha around! 

Happy Thursday! 



susans said...

I love your paintings, especially the color combos. Truth, being a painter myself, I always scroll through focusing on the paintings, then go back to read the post. I find, I learn a lot about yoga, painting, etc. so I really love your labeling & explanations. Keep it up, I have so much to learn & am curious. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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